Review Zeblaze NEO: a really (too) essential smartwatch

Zeblaze NEO

During these last years i SmartWatch they invaded the market, although the users have never been too enthusiastic about it. Going to look at the numbers relating to sales, in fact, it is clear that smartbands are much more appreciated, especially those with special attention to fitness. Only some brands, therefore, manage to capture attention with their own smartwatch line. Not only in Europe, therefore, but also in other countries, this phenomenon has completely exploded, especially in China. Reason why, within this Full review, let's see a product developed in this country. It is about Zeblaze NEO and promises to be one smart fitness watch really complete. Let's find out together.

Review Zeblaze NEO


On the packaging there is an image of the smartwatch, combined with a really nice graphic that stands out above all the liveliness of the central case. Inside the sales box, however, we find:

  • Zeblaze NEO;
  • leatherette strap, in our case brown;
  • short instruction manual;
  • USB cable for smartwatch charging.

Design & Materials

Taking a first look at this product, one is immediately surprised by the dial. This, in fact, is completely realized in zinc alloy and shows really good quality. Even to the touch, therefore, there is a certain robustness of the entire structure, although the weight is small. It is a smartwatch, in fact, that weighs only 56 grams, offering dimensions of 46,5 x 46,5 x 12 mm. Therefore, by keeping this unit on the arm for several days, I have never felt the need to rest my wrist too much.

Zeblaze NEO

I must say that the mounting system, which involves the insertion of the two ends of the strap, it's really great. From the point of view of quality, then, this accessory is coated on the outside of a material very similar to the skin, hiding internally a soul of silicone quite comfortable. On the whole upper part, moreover, there is a space metal ring, obviously ornamental, which gives this smartwatch a more sporty look. If this were not enough, then, on the back the metal case has a finish that emulates the carbon fiber, suggesting that the company wanted to maintain a high standard in the care of details. Therefore, i pin for charging and the heartbeat sensor. On the right profile, instead, we find the single physical button.

In daily use Zeblaze NEO it has proven itself comodo and not too heavy. Surely, however, it will not be one of those accessories that you will forget to have on your wrist. Despite this it has demonstrated a really robust structure and a display of excellent workmanship. What convinced us a little less is the feedback returned by the touchscreen, but we'll talk about it later. Even the strap has not suffered any damage and does not present any sign of wear. Finally, this smartwatch also resists water, Up to a maximum of 50 meters, thanks to the certification IP67.


In direct sunlight, with the maximum brightness, you can see the contents on the screen quite well. In case it is necessary, however, you will have to manually adjust the intensity of the display, since the relative sensor is absent. In any case, I would like to point out that the difference between the maximum and minimum brightness is not as abysmal as might be expected. Despite everything, however, on this smartwatch there is space for a unit IPS da 1,3 diagonal inches, with resolution 240 240 pixels x.

Zeblaze NEO

From a qualitative point of view, the panel satisfied me quite a bit. I would have preferred a greater resolution but, having removed this point, i colors they are on and all the qualities of this IPS display stand out. However, it is not one of the best screens on the market, even in its price range.

I must move, however, a criticism to the touch screen. During all these days of use, in fact, it has always proved enough woody. I can't say that it resembled an old resistive display, but the difference, at times, was really minimal. In fact, it happens to have almost to press on the display to perform any operation. Sometimes it can be complicated, therefore, to pass even just from one screen to the next. I am convinced, however, that this dysfunction is partly due to the software installed on this smartwatch.


We do not know which is, specifically, the chipset used on this Zeblaze NEO. As always, however, everything is managed by an algorithm that, in addition to allowing us to navigate within the interface, takes care of detecting all our vital parameters. On the back of this smartwatch, in fact, we have seen that it resides a heart rate monitor, which can also work 24 hours on 24 .

However, there are others inside the system functions, mainly related to health. It will therefore be possible to detect the blood pressure, keep track of passivated e monitor sleep. All these activities are not too precise and, compared to a Amazfit Verge Lite, the detection of the steps is always slightly greater, of about 1000 steps. Despite this the knock sensor works well, even under stress, as does the detector qualità del sonno. The latter, however, is not too precise in assessing the time in which one has actually fallen asleep, although it is still a very minimal error.

Inside the section on sport no parameter can be selected. You can only start the activity and the smartwatch will detect what type of exercise we are performing. This, unfortunately, is not always precise, sometimes noting sessions of race that never existed. Analyzing the heartbeat, in fact, he is often deceived by a rise in these values, perhaps due to a sustained walk, which cannot be equated with a real race. Reason for which I would have preferred to be able to personally select the activity, thus limiting the margins of error.

In addition, there is space for a module Bluetooth 4.0, which uses to communicate with the smartphone. Thanks to it, therefore, the synchronization speed is good, although with an 5.0 standard it could have been even better. As with other devices of this type, then, the company has not entered theNFC, resulting limited in this respect.


Zeblaze NEO shows a very meager interface. Pressing the button on the right accesses the clock. You will have the possibility to choose only between 5 watch faces different, scrolling down, or upwards, your finger on the display. To gain access to the system, it will be necessary to swipe to the left, thus accessing the heart of the device.

Immediately the screen that shows a opens summary of physical activity of the day. The display then shows the number of steps distance and burned calories. With another swipe to the left, then, you access another screen, which shows a summary of the qualità del sonno. Also in this case, therefore, the total hours in which we slept are shown, specifying how many of these hours were of deep sleep and how many of light sleep.

Going to make another swipe to the left, we access the menu directly. Here you can select different items, including the one for the monitoring of sports activity, the one for the heart rate detection and blood pressure, that of notifications and settings. Among these, then, also appears aoption dedicated exclusively to women. I could not try it personally, but it should allow me to keep track of the menstrual period, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.

Within the "Settings" item, you can set, among other things, the system brightness. I did not tolerate, therefore, both this aspect, which forced me to always do numerous before adjusting the brightness, as well as the responsiveness of the touch screen panel. In my opinion this unit is really too woody and, very often, does not even recognize the touch. This problem, however, could also derive from a hardware not really exceptional in this sense.

On this device it is also possible to receive notifications. It is not the product, however, more suitable in this sense. This is because the notifications have a rather ugly graphic and, if the message is too long, only a part of it is displayed. With the vocal audiofurthermore, it is not possible to interact but, as with all other messages, the smartwatch will vibrate on arrival.

Bug: while listening to one of these audio messages, on Whatsapp, the clock vibrates continuously for the entire duration of the message.

Application for Android

Zeblaze NEO relies on a free application available for iOS e Android. This is called "H Band”And, once downloaded to your smartphone, will prompt you to synchronize with the smartwatch. Inside it, therefore, you can keep track of all the give which are detected by this accessory, showing detailed graphs of all the parameters managed by the system. Entering each of these sections, therefore, you will be able to observe in detail all the recordings made by the watch, over the period of use of the smartwatch. This app does not feature, however, for an attractive and original design. Some translations, in fact, leave something to be desired but, overall, the application does its job well.

I have never encountered any problems with this application. I must say, in fact, that the synchronization with the smartwatch it is always fast and all options are fully functional. Thanks to it, in fact, it is possible to manage every function linked to this product. I'm just sorry I couldn't find a way to view the percentage of the battery, not even on H Band. You will have to rely, therefore, a little on instinct from this point of view, simply displaying the symbol of the battery with three notches.


According to the data that I was able to collect while using this smartwatch, Zeblaze NEO does not exceed 3 days of continuous use, with all 24 active systems on 24 hours. Therefore, a battery from 180 mAh which does not allow to go beyond this figure. If used a lot also for physical activity, then, it may not exceed 2 days of use. Not having any data available on the battery percentage, it is not easy to understand the battery discharge progression.

The moment it was necessary to recharge it, this unit would take about 2 hours for a complete cycle, using the cable with magnetic pins to be applied on the back.

Price & Conclusions

Zeblaze NEO it's a smartwatch that, relative to the part fitness, does not offer much. On its own system, in fact, we find exclusively the item "Sport" which unfortunately fails to fully satisfy. In fact, they could have implemented at least a couple of more items in this regard.

Despite all this smartwatch is sold on Banggood at about the price 36 €. Therefore, net of this amount, you could grant yourself this purchase. In the smartwatch category, in fact, this figure is not much better, still offering a higher quality from the point of view of the materials.

In case you are interested in buying, I invite you to click on the link below and follow us, if necessary, also on our channel our channel BangGood Italy. If you need help, sign up to our group per rivres H24 support.