Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3: the compact electric toothbrush

Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3

During this day Xiaomi is presenting a really important quantity of products. This morning, in fact, he proceeded to launch some interesting ones smart accessories, dedicated to different areas and categories. It seems that one's interest is also linked to the world of fashion and well-being. In fact, some time ago he launched one electric toothbrush dedicated to children, which depicted a cute character from the world of cartoons on the front. The latter device also had a particular function that allowed you to listen to a pre-set song while brushing your teeth. However, in this case it is not a product dedicated to children. Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3 is one electric toothbrush indicated, in fact, for those who need to carry a practical and comfortable accessory.

Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3 weighs only 45 grams

Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3

This accessory could be indicated mainly for a female audience, also because of the garish coloring presented by the brand. Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3 in fact, it presents itself with a design not too minimal, characterized by a peach shade that extends over the entire external surface. What really makes this device special, however, are the compact dimensions, showing a weight of just 45 grams. So you won't have any problems storing it in your pocket or in any other small compartment.

Thanks to the technology implemented inside it, the small electric motor is able to generate an oscillation frequency of 31.000 times per minute, ensuring really efficient dental cleaning. Xiaomi Sonic Dr.Bei Q3 it is also equipped with three different speeds, leaving the user the possibility to choose their own level of speed cleaning. If this wasn't enough, this electric toothbrush is one of the few to feature an intelligent memory system, which keeps track of your movements and remembers to change the brushing area every 30 seconds. The entire dental arch should therefore be completed in approximately 2 minutes. This data, however, also depends a lot on how the product is used.

On the terminal part, at the head, there are some soft bristles and diamond-cut, from 0,12 mm, which should ensure greater care of the gums. Obviously, then, this device is waterproof, showing certification IPX7. It also supports charging via USB, ensuringautonomy theoretical of 30 days.

Currently Xiaomi Sonic Dr. Bei Q3 is available at the price of 169 yuan, so approx 22 € at the current exchange rate.

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