Xiaomi MIIIW wireless mouse pad review: an essential accessory

Smartphones with wireless charging are now commonplace. Just think of all (or almost all) of the top of the range products launched in the last year. With the advancing trend it has become almost essential to have one or more wireless charging docks and, what is the ideal place? Of course, the desk. Precisely for this reason Xiaomi MIIIW a particularly interesting product is expected.

With a minimal and linear design, the mousepad of Xiaomi it is able to adapt to any style. We tested it for you to understand how functional the internal module with wireless charging can be. Here's what we think.

Xiaomi MIIIW Charging Mouse Pad Review

Design and construction quality

Like any product of the brand, even the Xiaomi MIIIW Charging Mouse Pad presents a quality worthy of note. Although it acts as a mouse pad and wireless charging dock, the dimensions are particularly small: 300 x 210 x 4.9 mm. La width of 30 cm however, it offers enough space to accommodate both the smartphone and the mouse.

Even qualitatively, the experience of use with the Xiaomi mat was positive. In fact, we find the combined use of three different materials. We start from the surface fake leather which gives excellent feedback to the mouse, also useful for the waterproofness given by the polyurethane. We then find the side finishes in impact-resistant and lightweight PVC, up to the lower part completely in aluminum.

The use of materials is - absolutely - not left to chance and all the inserts can be considered quality. Just think of the upper imitation leather covering which, despite being subjected to daily stress from the mouse and wrists, has not missed a beat: after a month the mat appears as good as new.

Specifications and use

The mouse pad Xiaomi MIIIW it deserves a 10 in terms of design and glance; however the real heart of the product lies inside. We are referring to the Qi wireless charging from 10W. The mat, in fact, offers the possibility to recharge all the devices compatible with this standard.

On the surface of the Xiaomi MIIIW there is a shape, just place the device inside and the game is done. While the leather look offers great grip for smartphones (so you will not risk that the device slips over time), the charging mechanism is not particularly reactive. Unlike the usual docks, in fact, it will take a few seconds before you can start charging. In any case, however, the mat is equipped with a device capable of holding temperature control and, as the same increases, it will be deactivated automatically.

However, the mat offers constant charging and is reliable in this respect: a feature which - despite what you might think - is not common to all Wireless Qi Charger. I used the product with more devices and the result was always optimal; in practical terms, you can load a smartphone from 3500 mAh in about 4 hours.

Price and conclusions

Xiaomi MIIIW is located at a price of around 28 € from Banggood. You are wondering: " is it worth spending almost 30 € for a mat?". Our answer is Yup. At this figure you take home not only an object that fits perfectly with any style, comfortable and functional even from an ergonomic point of view.

In addition, if you work several hours on the PC, you will have the possibility to recharge your smartphone almost involuntarily and in the long run you will not be able to do without it. The speech is reversed, of course, if you do not have a smartphone with a wireless charging support.