OnePlus TV: here are the differences between Q1 and Q1 Pro

oneplus tv q1 vs oneplus tv q1 pro

Although we already knew of his arrival, OnePlus TV he talked a lot about himself. The company's entry into the world of smart TVs started on the right foot, at least on paper. And at the end of the presentation the CEO Carl Pei has specified that there will be two, or OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro. However, it was not specified which are the differences between these two versions. The official store has come to our aid.

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OnePlus TV: what changes between Q1 and Q1 Pro?

Compared to what you might think, OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro have the same diagonal and resolution, ie 55 ″ 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel). But they change dimensions:

  • With stand
    • Q1: 1223.7 x 207.5 x 765 mm - 21.5 kg
    • Q1 Pro: 1223.7 x 207.5 x 795 mm - 24.2 kg
  • Without stand
    • Q1: 1223.7 x 50.6 x 706 mm - 19.5 kg
    • Q1 Pro: 1223.7 x 61.3 x 707 mm - 22.2 kg

To justify this aspect is the audio sector, given that OnePlus TV Q1 does not have a retractable soundbar and has "only" 4 speaker integrated. The HiFi system is exclusive to Q1 Pro, inclusive of 8 speaker that may disappear with the occurrence.

Basically it's the only audio quality to justify the price difference: OnePlus TV Q1 will be sold in India to 69.900 rupees (900€), while Q1 Pro to 99.900 rupees (1286€). Do you believe that a variation of 386 € can be justified by this unique differentiation?

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