Huawei, HarmonyOS and Ark Compiler: for the devs we are not there yet

huawei ark compiler

We are still waiting to see HarmonyOS at work, currently installed only on the smart TV Honor Vision. The project of Huawei it is rather ambitious: to propose a proprietary OS that makes it independent of other realities, especially Google. But replace Android it is a difficult challenge, although it is an interesting idea to want to break a duopoly that has been going on for years now. Especially when it comes to Whatsapp, which has always been important for both Google and Apple. This is precisely why it was created Ark Compiler, an open source project that aims to act as a converter of Android apps, as well as making them more streamlined and fluid.

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The complaints to Huawei come from the first developers with Ark Compiler

Presented at China Open Source Summit 2019, was shown by Huawei to Chinese developers as a useful tool to bring apps from Android to HarmonyOS. But the response was not really positive, to put it mildly, given the affirmation by the developer community. It ranges from politically correct "Premature"Up to far more vitriolic statements:"A fraud", or also "An advertising stunt".

According to early feedback returned, Ark Compiler would still be incomplete and published prematurely only to counter the US advertising level. "Maybe they are doing it to help PR in commercial warfare, putting pressure on the US"Said Max Zhou, chief engineer of Mobike. "Not only can Ark Compiler not compile all the standard benchmark samples, but neither can the proprietary ones!"Is one of several caustic comments published in the appropriate thread on Zhihu. In short, the promises made by Huawei to the developers would have been too optimistic.

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