Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S and Mi A2 receive Android 10, with custom ROM | Download

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From what we have learned in these days, many smartphone they will need some time before they are mounted permanently Android 10. This new software release of the green robot, in fact, will not be installed immediately on any device Android in circulation, even in the case of the current top range products. It is clear, therefore, that slightly older smartphones can make more effort to do so. With the moddinghowever, it is sometimes possible to shorten the time, which is exactly what happened in the case of some smartphones Xiaomi, among which Mi Mix 2S.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, 2S and Mi A2 support Android 10

xiaomi I mix 2s

It seems almost unbelievable but some Xiaomi branded smartphones can already enjoy all the features provided by Android 10. This is possible, however, only thanks to modding. Some users of the various communities around the web, in fact, have put their hands on some smartphones of the Chinese brand, implementing the latest Android software release. Therefore, five Xiaomi smartphones have been used Custom ROM able to support this interface. We therefore find among these devices Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S e Xiaomi Mi A2.

We must specify, however, that the ROMs used are not the same on all devices. On Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi A2 you can take advantage of the LineageOS 17, a ROM based on AOSP which, therefore, could still conceal some problems too. About Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, instead, you will have the Pixel3 ROM, a version that for the moment seems to be the most stable.

Below we present the link to access the download of the relevant ROMs:

In case you are in possession of such ROMs, let us know how you are, leaving a comment below.

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