Review Xiaomi Mi A3: three steps forward and one back

review xiaomi mi a3

Over the months there has been an avalanche of rumors and rumors around the Xiaomi Mi A3. After all we are not just talking about a smartphone of the company of Lei Jun, but also of a model of the family Android One, a category particularly appreciated by fans of the brand who, however, prefer a stock experience that lacks MIUI customizations and features. In the end the moment has come and the new device has landed in Italy last 18 July, introducing various novelties for the series but - at the same time - with some sacrifices. Was it worth it? Find out in our Xiaomi Mi A3 review!

Xiaomi Mi A3 review

Sales package

The sales box of the We are A3 it is a white cardboard similar to that of its predecessor, but which puts the device on the front in plain sight, together with its splendid colors (borrowed from the "cousin") I CC9e). Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi Mi A3;
  • wall charger from 10V 2A;
  • USB / USB Type-C data cable;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • soft silicone cover;
  • manuals.

Design and construction quality

You will have noticed the rather pronounced thickness, this because of the large battery. However this thickness in daily use will not be a problem. Thanks to the tapering of the rear body you can enjoy excellent grip, even with one hand.

review xiaomi mi a3

As we have mentioned, We are A3 - from a purely aesthetic point of view - it represents a successful product. If frontally we do not notice particular customizations, with the display AMOLED da 6.01 inches and notch by drop, the shell is able to give - in all colors - sophisticated color effects.

Just the body that loses the fingerprint ID (you'll find it under the display) manages to offer the same elegance seen on Xiaomi Mi 9 e Mi 9 SE. At the rear we find the glass, with good oleophobicity: we tried the dark color (Kind of Gray) and despite being the most subject to capture footprints showed excellent resistance in this respect. The side frame, on the other hand, is composed of polished aluminum which can be appreciated both in terms of resistance and aesthetics.

The only "defects" regarding the design remain a chin (notch below the display) too pronounced and the step between the front panel and side frame. Furthermore, for users who do not want to rely solely on the display for notifications (which will turn on for a few seconds upon receiving them), along the upper frame there is a small notification LED.


review xiaomi mi a3

The new We are A3 mount a display from 6.01 inch Super AMOLED HD + (720 x 1560 pixel, 286 ppi). We are in the presence of a good panel: discreet chromatic fidelity which, although tending to warm colors, loses a few strokes only at maximum brightness. However, even the yield under direct sunlight can be appreciable: in this sense the work carried out by the brightness sensor will be useful, as it is able to promptly calibrate the display always at the right point, in my opinion.

Good viewing angles and responsiveness of the touch screen, as well as the management of frames that "don't cut" portions of the display.

The judgment would be excellent if it were not for a particular (fundamental): the HD display. Unfortunately, we must note a resolution that is not up to the unit. Now surrounded by devices Full HD (and even in 4K) it is in fact impossible not to notice less defined details, be it images or simply icons and widgets.

Hardware and performance - Review Xiaomi Mi A3

After the aforementioned Mi CC9e, Xiaomi's latest Android One also arrives with the SoC on board Snapdragon 665 of Qualcomm. It is a mid-range solution built with 11 nm production process and equipped with a CPU with Kryo 260 architecture, based on ARM Cortex-A73, with a clock frequency up to 2.0 GHz. The chipset is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4x e 64 GB of internal memory UFS 2.1, a package more than sufficient for a medium range.

Everything is flawless on paper and in fact the device has performed quite well during our test. Android Stock helps to lighten up everything, even if we have noticed some slight slowdowns and an experience that is not at the maximum fluidity. Probably the brand new SoC still needs some time to express itself, but we are confident. However, putting hands on the animation settings (a 0.5x) through the Developer Options the situation will improve further.

The graphic part relies on the GPU Adreno 610, a decent solution for games with fewer requests in terms of resources, but which is not particularly suitable for heavier titles. "Serious" gaming enthusiasts will necessarily have to bet on other models, while all casual players - or fans of titles that are not too complex - will have no problems. During prolonged sessions the CPU tends to warm up slightly, but nothing to worry about.

Benchmark - Review Xiaomi Mi A3


Talk about the software of the Xiaomi Mi A3 it is so ... superfluous! The mid-range is part of the family Android One and, consequently, mounts the green robot's OS in a completely stock version (with all the pros and cons of the case). At the moment the device has on board Android 9 Pie with updated security patches a June 2019.

In short, if you are passionate about MIUI, you will hardly be able to bear the lack of certain features that are a source of pride for Xiaomi's custom UI. If you appreciate the Chinese company but prefer an essential software, clean and fluid, without frills and essential, then Android stock is the only way to go.

On the security side, the smartphone relies on the selfie camera for the Face Unlock software: unlocking occurs fairly quickly, as long as we have good lighting conditions. Frontally we have a sensor ID integrated in the AMOLED panel, a precise and reliable solution even if not really fast.

Photographic quality

review xiaomi mi a3

As usual for smartphones of this period, the Xiaomi Mi A3 welcomes a renewed photographic sector, composed of a Sony IMX582 sensor from 48 mega-pixels (f/1.8), an ultra wide-angle module from 8 mega-pixels (f/2.2, FOV 118 °) and a sensor dedicated to depth (2 mega-pixel, f/2.4). The Android One range is enriched with a triple camera and this can only be welcomed with joy.

The renewed photographic sector manages to offer many satisfactions, with shots Detailed and well-calibrated colors. Some precautions will be necessary to avoid phenomena of overexposure, but overall we are faced with a pleasant solution. Excellent portrait mode, able to accurately outline the subject in the foreground. Basically you shoot at 12 mega-pixels (with Pixel Binning technology) and for the "full" mega-pixel 48 you will have to use the manual mode. Present AI support for scene recognition, HDR (also automatic) and night shooting mode. About the latter, it turns out to be quite effective to improve the situation when the lighting is insufficient.

In the evening, in fact, the photo package loses shots, with less detailed and more mellow shots. Night mode relieves the situation and does its job well.

On the self-timer side we have a sensor from 32 mega-pixels, with Selfie Panorama, HDR and Portrait mode. Not bad from the social point of view even if in low light situations and in the evening the results are not particularly exciting. Finally, the device is able to record video in 4K a 30 fps and 1080p to 30 / 60 fps.

Connectivity and audio quality

Lo Xiaomi Mi A3 change the cards on the table compared to We are A2 and back to the glories of first chapter of the series reintroducing the possibility of inserting a microSD card (up to 256 GB) in the slot Dual SIM LTE hybrid. Definitely an addition not to be underestimated, even with 64 / 128 GB storage. As for calls, we did not encounter any reception problems, even slightly difficult areas were good. On-call audio is a bit subdued, but nothing really compromising.

On the connectivity side, the device has support for Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band and the Bluetooth 5.0. We also find an IR sensor but once again the NFC lacks appeal: badly, since it is now a feature requested loudly by users. The evergreen entrance is inevitable mini-jack from 3.5 mm for headphones, while the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS did not give any problems while browsing.

No problem even with regards to theaudio in headphones, both via wired and wireless solutions. Along the lower edge we find a single speaker, with adequate volume and unpretentious quality.


xiaomi mi a3 review

Lo Xiaomi Mi A3 it is equipped with a large battery from 4030 mAh which guarantees full use of the device throughout the day. During our test and in fairly grueling conditions (with web browsing, games, social media, e-mail and so on and so forth) we have come to little more than 5 hours of display on. Obviously this is a purely indicative value and with a more moderate use the hours of autonomy are destined to rise.

Complete charging takes place in approx 2 hours with the charger from 10W Supplied; however we remind you that the smartphone supports fast charging from 18W, so - if you want to speed up the procedure - you can buy a suitable charger.

Review Xiaomi Mi A3 - Price and conclusions

Express an overall opinion on Xiaomi Mi A3 it is really a difficult task, since it is a device in the balance due to some shortcomings. The design follows tracks already seen, even if the new Blue and White colors are really beautiful, a plus point for sure. Even the implementation of an AMOLED display and an integrated fingerprint sensor is a welcome step forward, but the choice to opt for a resolution only HD is really excessive.

Just think of its positioning in terms of price, exactly in the middle between Redmi Note 7 e Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. Both models mentioned have a Full HD + panel and in the case of the Mi 9 SE we have an AMOLED solution with ID sensor. In short, it is an inflated feature and the HD panels are relegated to the depths of the ultra low budget range.

However the merits of Xiaomi Mi A3 are undeniable, Android stock primarily. If you want a pure experience, then you will prefer it to the two rivals mentioned above and the presence of a Sony 48 mega-pixel sensor - which among other things gives good shots - should not be underestimated. Can you pass over the HD display and the lack of the NFC (absent on the Note 7 but available with the MI 9 SE)? Then Android One and Mi A3 are the right answer! For all the others it is the case to tack at full throttle in the direction of one of the two cousins, according to your needs and your pockets.

Summing up - and citing the famous steps ahead of the title - despite the leap generation there is something that holds the new Android One, which fails to shine. The improvements in terms of battery, camera and display (in terms of AMOLED technology and ID sensor) are undeniable, not to mention the implementation of UFS 2.1 memories. Can we talk about a best buy? Not for now, but it is said that in the future - thanks to a substantial discount - the device can become more attractive.

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