Xiaomi king of Android One: Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2 are the absolute champions

xiaomi me a1

The branded device Android One they are of great importance for the international smartphone market. They are in fact devices characterized by affordable prices and good specifications, with the green robot's OS in its pure form on board. In short, it is a perfect product for Android stock lovers or for users looking for affordable solutions. And who is the champion of Android One if not the company of Lei Jun, With its Xiaomi Mi A1 e Xiaomi Mi A2?

Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2 dominate sales of Android One devices and now it's up to the Mi A3 to take up the baton

Xiaomi Mi A1 android one sales

As for the first model in the range - here you find our review - the most affectionate will surely remember the device with joy, a real best buy. According to reports from Canalys, a well-known analytical company, it is Xiaomi Mi A1 placed at the top of the sales rankings of Android One (in 2017, year of debut), with 2.4 volume times higher than other stock program smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi A2 android one sales

His successor Xiaomi Mi A2, has not been outdone and has overtaken rivals of renowned international brands like Nokia and Motorola. In short, even the 2018 was a golden year for Xiaomi, under the Android One profile (and not only…).

And now the Chinese company has launched the last one We are A3, for the first time for the range with a triple camera and an OLED panel with integrated ID sensor. Here you find our review of the device e here a comparison with his predecessor. Xiaomi has not yet rattled off sales figures, but we are pretty sure that this model has also created many headaches for its competitors. You have already purchased it or ... you are waiting for a possible model Pro?

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