Security Update Xiaomi, impossible to download: that's why

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In these hours the users in possession of a smartphone of the company of Lei Jun I'm struggling with an annoying problem with theSecurity update Xiaomi. The application dedicated to the security and management of the functionality of the brand's devices seems to work without a hitch and the "defect" occurs only when you try to update. What's going on?

Unable to download Security Xiaomi update: here's what's happening

As can be seen in the pictures above, when trying to make theSecurity update Xiaomi, this is not successful and everything is reported with a system notification. This simply reports that it is Unable to download, without further explanation. If this notification has mysteriously appeared in the bar of your Xiaomi device, then, don't worry. This is not a system malfunction but a simple snag in updating the Security app.

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The problem itself does not put your device at risk. The application in question is a "simple" Manager to access the main features of the MIUI 10. These include anti-virus scanning, cache cleaning, app blocking, Second Space and Game Turbo mode.

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In short, nothing to worry about but a simple one overloading of Xiaomi servers which prevents you from updating. At the moment it is still impossible to update, but we are sure that the problem will be solved over the next few hours.

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