Review Muzili MU-H20: an excellent quality alternative

muzili mh-20 review

The vacuum cleaner market is by now immense and, if this situation in a certain sense represents an advantage for the buyers, on the other hand to find a product that offers a good price quality in the mare magnum of wireless vacuum cleaner becomes more and more complicated.

So more and more companies are trying to offer low-cost products that can be preferred to the more famous brands. There Muzili MU-H20 it has precisely this objective; but can we consider it a reliable product? Find out in our full review.

Review Muzili MU-H20


  • Muzili Vacuum Cleaner MU-H20;
  • Charging dock;
  • Soft roller brush;
  • 2 enlarged head in 1;
  • 2 HEPA replacement filters.

Design and construction quality

It seems that the producers of wireless vacuum cleaners have found the square. So too is the Muzili MU-H20 does not differ much in terms of design and appearance. In fact we find a mixed construction between hard plastic, which gives resistance and lightness at the same time, accompanied by metal inserts satin finish that enhances the design.

In aesthetic terms, in fact, the central tube with a red satin finish is an added value. We are therefore in the presence of a resistant product, but at the same time light and that offers a good handling, given precisely by the handle which is also the heart of the vacuum cleaner itself. In this sense they help dimensions and weight of: 105 x 23 x 12 cm for 2.82 kg.

Operation and user experience

We are in the presence of a simple vacuum cleaner and, consequently, making it work will be very simple. On the handle, in fact, there is a button that will allow the Muzili MU-H20 to act. The vacuum cleaner offers two different modes of action, which are essentially distinguished by power.

In fact, we can use the standard mode, by clicking once on the On button, and the vacuum cleaner will operate with a power of 4500Pa. At the same time, by clicking a second time, we can start Turbo mode a 9000Pa. In everyday use you will feel the difference between the two different speeds which, however, will affect - by force of circumstances - the ultimate autonomy.

As mentioned above, the product stands out for its manageability and the user experience is enhanced by the presence of an LED in correspondence of the brushes it will be able to illuminate darker areas like deeper parts of sofas and desks. Not only will it be easy to clean, but also the performance of the vacuum cleaner will be satisfactory: the Muzili MU-H20 it is also fairly quiet, producing 70 dB. Personally, the only obstacle encountered, was related to the coupling between the handle and the body of the vacuum cleaner that on some occasions, finding obstacles has inadvertently unhooked. All in all though the Muzili MU-H20 it has proven to be reliable in the various weeks of use.

Also, in case you don't want to limit yourself to the floor, the Muzili MU-H20, with its replacement heads, will be able to help you clean even the most difficult surfaces like upholstery and more.


muzili mh-20 review

One of the painful notes of all wireless devices is autonomy. From this point of view, the judgment on Muzili MU-H20 it can be separated into two observations. In fact we have a battery integrated from 2200 mAh and allows us to use the vacuum cleaner for about 25 minutes at minimum power. Moving on instead to 9000Pa, autonomy will drop about the quarter of an hour.

We therefore have a against from a purely practical point of view: the autonomy of Muzili will allow you to clean (at maximum power) a studio apartment, no more. However, in your favor you will have the opportunity to calculate the timing, we will explain ourselves better. Using the product, the battery life has always been faithful, which means that the vacuum cleaner will not leave you with unfinished cleaning precisely because of a constant battery yield. Once unloaded, all you need to do is unplug the handle and load it into the dock station: it will take about 6 hours for a full charge.

Price and conclusions

The Wireless vacuum cleaner Muzili MU-H20 it is certainly not free of problems and during the review we have tried to highlight them all in a more or less clear manner. Net of this, however, you can buy the product for less than 100 €, a truly paltry cost compared to market prices. This will allow you to have a qualitatively valid product while not spending prohibitive amounts. If you are interested in buying it, thanks to the coupon below you can save around 30€ on the standard price.

Muzili MU-H20 - Amazon

Muzili MU-H20 - Amazon

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