EZpad Jumper Review 7S: we're not here!

Jumper EZpad 7S

jumper has always stood out for the production of notebooks and devices 2-in-1 and after praising some laptops like the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro today we are going to analyze a device belonging to the second category mentioned and in more detail we talk about the Jumper EZpad 7S. Will we be able to confirm the good words spent in the other reviews or will it be a flop? Let's find out together in our full review.

EZpad 7S Jumper Review

Unboxing - Jumper EZpad 7S

The sales package of the Jumper EZpad 7S it is made of simple cardboard and inside we find the following equipment:

  • Jumper EZpad 7S;
  • wall-mounted power supply with Chinese plug;
  • instruction manual.

Separately, it is also possible to buy the keyboard with magnetic attachment. In our case we received the sample with the latter.

Design and construction

Il design of the Jumper EZpad 7S it is quite simple and similar to many other devices 2-in-1, not showing in fact particularly distinctive and captivating signs. Nevertheless, the look is pleasant although the materials with which it was made are not first choice. In fact, the 2-in-1 was built almost entirely in plastic bags with some small insert in metal such as the stand. The product is not exempt from crunches and returns one economic feeling to the touch.

Le dimensions I'm average even if the frames around the display are consistent, in fact we talk about 27.5 x 17.1 x 1.0 centimeters for a weight of approx 680 grams. You can then easily carry it with you in your backpack without making it cumbersome with a normal laptop.

On the right side we find the microSD slot and the mini-jack input, unlike the left one on which the Power DC, mini HDMI, Micro USB and USB 3.0 inputs reside. At the bottom there are the magnetic pins to hook the keyboard, while on the front there is the camera and the two speakers, as well as the status LED.

With regard to the keyboard this one has US layout and, of course, the keys are smaller than normal. You just need to get used to it for a couple of days and you won't have any problems, but in general I have to say that you can write pretty well, the run is short and returns a feeling typical of membrane keyboards. Later this is covered with synthetic velvet to ensure greater grip on flat surfaces. Finally, something more could be done for the magnetic pins because lifting the tablet and shaking it slightly the keyboard will come off.

Speaking instead of the touchpad, this has very small dimensions but, despite this, supports the Windows gestures. I must say that it can be fine for web browsing thanks to gestures, but maybe it is too small to work. In fact, very often I found myself using the touchscreen to speed up the practices.

Jumper EZpad 7S


Il Jumper EZpad 7S has a display IPS da 10.8 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel).

I colors returned by this panel are slightly faded e poco thwarted and the viewing angles are decent. Overall it might be enough for viewing videos or movies, if it weren't for the speakers poco powerful, but we will talk about this later.

Il touch screen It results to be poco reactive e not very preciseIn short, we could do better as we talk about an 2-in-1.

Hardware and Performance

Also in this case the Jumper EZpad 7S does not shine, as on board we find a chipset Intel Atom X5-Z8350, which includes a quad-core processor with 1.92 GHz maximum clock frequency and 1.44 GHz base, a GPU Intel UHD Graphics 400, 4 GB di RAM DDR3 e 64 GB di internal memory eMMC expandable through microSD. On the software side, instead, we find Windows 10 Home in Italian language.

Unfortunately in daily use the Jumper EZpad 7S does not behave well because it is subject to slowdowns, reloads and, as if that were not enough, the memories are rather slow. Later I leave you some tests benchmarking I made with this 2-in-1.

The mild latency of the touch screen it doesn't help much because it makes it seem even slower. More complex tasks such as video editing or photo editing are not possible with ease. Generally speaking, it might just be enough for web browsing.

The videos in 4K they are not processed properly and with regard to the Gaming we can play very simple titles like Minion Rush o Subway Surfer without particular hitches.

Finally I would like to say that before drawing the conclusions I have restored 3 times higher il Jumper EZpad 7S, but every time I found the same performance.

Connectivity, audio and camera

As for connectivity, the Jumper EZpad 7S did not show particular critical issues thanks to a good reception. In fact, we have a modem on board Wi-Fi Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.0 (a bit dated!) and OTG support.

Passing instead to the multimedia sector we cannot replicate the same compliments because the audio output from the two front speakers is not very powerful and tends to privilege only the medium and high frequencies, highlighting the shortage (almost absence) of the bass.

Frontally we find one camera da 2 mega-pixels, which gives us shots that are not very defined and with slightly dull colors. In videos, or rather in video calls, the audio captured by the microphone is not sufficient because it is muffled and low.

Autonomy - Jumper EZpad 7S

Under the body of the Jumper EZpad 7S we find a battery from 6600 mAh, which does not guarantee us an amazing autonomy. In fact, using the 2-in-1 for web browsing, streaming video and music and social media are hardly exceeded 4 hours on screen turned on, while in the single one video playback we reach the 5 hours of continuous use.

Charging times are also quite slow because using the micro USB charging port will be necessary more than 3 hours.

Conclusions - Jumper EZpad 7S

Unfortunately mine opinions on this Jumper EZpad 7S are not positive, as it did not satisfy me in daily use, resulting almost frustrating due to slowdowns and the touchscreen poco accurate.

Il Jumper EZpad 7S is available on Gearbest a 178 € and at the same amount I would advise you to turn to another type of product if you want to buy an 2-in-1 or even to buy an inexpensive notebook of the same brand, which could cost even a little more but will be able to guarantee you more reliability.