Backpack USB review: quality and efficiency at a bargain price

review backpack USB

By now all the everyday products have taken on some facets dedicated to the tech world. For example, the backpacks have adapted to the need to always have a charged smartphone and have done so by inserting a special dongle dedicated to Power Bank. We have tried for you Backpack USB, also equipped with PC support: will the tech inserts be really useful? Find out in our full review.

Design and quality of materials

The backpack has important dimensions, 30 x 45 x 15 cm, with a maximum capacity of 35 liters, just to be able to carry PC, librists and more. Despite its size, however, shape and design mean that it is still a contained product. Thanks to the dynamism offered by the leatherette inserts, in fact, the backpack USB seems smaller than it should be. Alternating with the brown leatherette we find a gray polyester fabric.

The backpack, then, is surrounded by many pockets and, a detail that I particularly appreciated, all are closed by a special zipper. In fact, we find two small side pockets, one at the bottom and another at the front. The latter is padded and dedicated - probably - to the transport of smaller tablets or laptops. Finally we find the main pocket, padded both front and back. Inside it you can insert both the laptop from 15.6 inches, both books.

Experience of use

At the center of the user experience, as we have already said at the beginning, there is precisely the capacity offered by the backpack to be able to put one inside Power Bank to be used if necessary for your smartphone.

This feature, now present on several backpacks, is to be considered as an added value. The positioning of theUSB input in fact, it allows you to recharge your smartphone and, at the same time, have it in your pocket: a really important convenience. Even in terms of ergonomics the backpack convinced me. It has padded shoulder straps and, given its positioning, they are able to perfectly unload the weight on the shoulders and the back.

Price and conclusions

You can buy the backpack in question directly from Banggood at a cost of approx 14€. Would we recommend it? Absolutely yes. Unlike other similar backpacks, this also offers a certain personality, a non-negligible aesthetic component. This will ensure that you can use it even in different situations as it is neither too "serious" nor too informal.

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