Redmi Note 7: new update with August security patches

Redmi Note 7

Despite Xiaomi continue to take care of the development and production of new devices, do not abandon the slightly older ones. In fact, the brand has always been recognized for its excellent seriousness, confirming its commitment in theupdating older devices. It is no exception, therefore, Redmi Note 7, which now boasts more than 20 millions of units scattered around the world, attesting to its success. In the last hours, therefore, the MIUI it has been updated on these terminals, bringing some new features.

Redmi Note 7 will be more stable and faster

Redmi Note 7

The policy of updating the well-known Chinese brand continues to be solid. Without any problem, in fact, Xiaomi has released a new update for Redmi Note 7, confirming also the arrival on this device August 2019 security patch. With the last update, therefore, we reach the MIUI 10.3.6. This update, by the way, is rolled out and should arrive via OTA for all devices with ROM EEA indicated by the initials PFGEUXM.

within the changelog complete are all the improvements made to the device. In fact, in addition to the new security patches, the stability and speed of the system. As on other Xiaomi-branded devices, which in the last few hours have received various updates, also on Redmi Note 7 comes the possibility of exploiting the option App block for Google contacts. In addition to this, a bug that prevented the screen from being turned on upon receipt of a notification was fixed.

In the event that the update does not arrive OTA, you can force it by going up Settings, then up Info on the device. At this point, just click on Software updates and the search for any updates left pending will start automatically.

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