Meitu denies any kind of collaboration with Huawei

meitu 1

The word was circulated several days ago of a possible collaboration relationship between Huawei e Meitu aimed at improving the photographic algorithm proper to the devices Huawei.

Days later the same intervened Meitu which has denied any kind of collaborative relationship with Huawei. In fact, the company has entrusted the task of clarifying the situation to an official statement.

Meitu and Huawei: the reasons why collaboration would be impossible


In response to the serious misunderstanding, in fact, the company - which also collaborates with Xiaomi - clarified that there is no Meitu imaging algorithm integrated into Huawei devices.

This kind of eventuality would indeed be poco plausible in several respects. On the one hand, in fact, as mentioned, Meitu collaborates side by side with Xiaomi (e Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition it is the proof) and therefore it could hardly facilitate a direct competitor. On the other hand the devices Huawei have always been characterized by excellent photographic performance, just think of the results obtained by DxOMark, and by virtue of this there would be no reason to rely on an external company to improve the situation.

We were faced with a small misunderstanding that, for a few days, questioned the authorship of the photographic qualities of the devices Huawei and that fortunately was immediately clarified.

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