Nowadays traveling has become more and more simple and cheap, bringing us in fact to have working relationships and not with people located outside our nation. Despite this, sometimes the language barrier proves to be a big obstacle to be overcome and, while up until a few years ago it was necessary to use dictionaries, today the situation has evolved, so as to reach simultaneous translators with artificial intelligence with costs not particularly high. In fact, in this review we will analyze the Langogo Genesis, or a pocket translator that also has the advantage of having aeSIM inside!

So let's not lose ourselves in further talk and let's go into all its aspects and answer all your questions in the complete review!

Langogo Genesis Review

Unboxing - Langogo Genesis

The sales package is made of simple white cardboard and inside we find the following equipment:

  • Langogo Genesis;
  • USB charging cable - USB Type-C;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • strap;
  • instruction manual.

Design and construction

Il design . Langogo Genesis it's really nice to be a translator, in fact we have a white body with rounded edges and a completely black glass front that integrates the display. Obviously the rounded parts are the edges, but overall I must say that I was satisfied, as it is a nice device to take with us. Buoni also materials because after more than a month of use I have not seen scratches on any part of the device.

Le dimensions they are rather compactin fact we are talking about 121.3 x 54.4 x 13.2 millimeters for a total weight of 115 grams. In short, much smaller and lighter than a smartphone.

Langogo Genesis

Below are the USB Type-C input unlike the upper part where the microphone resides. On the right side there is the key for the translation and the slot for the SIM, while on the opposite side we see the power button and the volume rocker. Finally, we find later the two system speakers, unlike the frontal profile on which only the status LED resides, which notifies us when there is a translation in progress.


Il Langogo Genesis owns a retina display da 3.1 inches of diagonal, which surprised me for his goodness in colors and in definition. In fact, we will have no problems using the translator in direct sunlight, as the maximum brightness is really good. At extreme angles blacks tend to get slightly gray, but it's not a big problem, also because the operations we can perform on this device are totally different from those of a smartphone.

Finally, we can choose the brightness level through the settings (an automatic sensor is not present), as well as the times for stand-by or the size of the text.

Hardware and software

Before talking about how the translator works, I would like to give you some specifics about the hardware compartment that, although it is superfluous since the operations to be performed are very few and limited compared to a smartphone, it completes the general picture on the Langogo Genesis.

In fact, on board we find a chipset MediaTek MTK6739 which includes a processor quad-core with a maximum clock frequency of 1.5 GHz e 8 GB di internal memory.

As I said earlier, it is almost useless to talk about performance, but moving around in the interface is simple and the translator responds rather quickly to the requested commands. There is a short latency during translation between the moment we are told to speak and the moment when it begins to translate, but I think this is attributable to the software.

With regard to the latter, to move the Langogo Genesis one takes care of it version of custom Android from the manufacturer e limited in several respects to carry out only the operations for which the device was created. In fact, we will not be able to install external applications or use any browser (except to pay for the subscriptions that we will see later).

This interface, however, it is minimal e easy to use, we can change the type of connection, change the settings related to sound and display, update the system, export translations, delete translations and change system language. Regarding this aspect, only one is present at the moment dozens of languages and among these there is no Italian, it's a bit of a laugh if you think this is a translator, but the company has stated that they should add more in the future.


Le translation method offers from Langogo Genesis I'm well 2: Translation e Interpreter mode.

Analyzing the first one, what we will have to do is choose the two languages, press the button on the side and start talking. The device will automatically recognize the incoming language and result in the other language. You can therefore alternate words in both languages ​​without having to change the order because the integrated AI will do everything by itself.

With regard to the goodness in translation, I did several tests with theEnglish, tedesco and Polish and what I found is a very good transcription of the audio captured in the other language and a good translation in general. Let me explain better, we can certainly grasp what the interlocutor wants to say, but sometimes one is made literal translation, not perfectly analyzing the context.

Having studied languages ​​I am a bit fussy about the issue, but I have to admit that the Langogo Genesis it allows us to understand and make ourselves understood in a foreign country without problems, above all if we use it to ask for directions or for information regarding daily life. If you want to use it for work it can also be good to talk to your business partner, as long as you don't use it for business official transcripts, because in that case it is necessary to rely on a interpret by profession.

The second mode present on the device is the Interpreter mode and in this case the Langogo Genesis will start the simultaneous translation (almost) as soon as one of the two interlocutors begins to speak. Imagine being in China and having to ask for road information: just speak in Italian, wait for the system to translate and repeat the sentence in Chinese, have the interlocutor answer in Chinese and wait for the sentence to be translated and repeated in Italian. There is a short waiting period and therefore the conversation will not be able to run in normal times, but we can be aware of the complexity of the operation.

Returning to the goodness of the translation, in the most common languages and the more you talk about the translation is more accurate compared to other uncommon languages. Moreover, being a car he cannot understand exactly the pause due to points, To commas or to question marks, therefore it will often translate the sentence without paying attention to all this and this can lead to a change of meaning.

Another really interesting function concerns EuriOr l 'voice assistant . Langogo Genesis that, thanks to artificial intelligence, will be able to answer some questions such as those concerning the weather or can advise us restaurants / hotels / attractions nearby, perform some system functions o convert currencies. In this case, however, there is only the idea because most of the operations it's not working, in fact when you make a request different from the weather or from the restaurants / hotels or from the activation / deactivation of the hotspot, the software will signal us thesystem error. We are therefore expecting a future update to set up this function because it could be very interesting.


Il Langogo Genesis can connect in 3 different ways: Wi-Fi, SIMs., eSIM, not to mention the fact that he can do from Hotspot for other devices up to a maximum of 5. We must specify that the connection to a network is necessary for translation, as this is done in in cloud on company servers.

Langogo Genesis

As regards'eSIM, at the time of purchase the company will give you a free tariff plan for 1 full year. You can use it in many countries and in this link I leave you the complete list. However, this plan only involves the use of translation services and not the hotspot, because in that case you will have to buy to the packages of data whose price varies according to geographic location. Here is a photo showing the price list:

Despite everything, I find the initiative of the really interesting first year free and very interesting is the fact that the translator undamaged a eSIM. For the rest I have never encountered any connectivity problems and everything works as smooth as oil, even the hotspot with traditional SIM.


Il Langogo Genesis integrates a battery from 2200 mAh, which allows us to have one after all good autonomy, but obviously it all depends on the type of use you make and the type of connection used.

Let's start with saying that in standby consumption is not very high and we can reach it up to 7 days of autonomy, while with the data network with eSIM we succeed in close the day with stressful use.

If for example we are on vacation and use the translator in a manner desultory to ask for information, to place orders and much more then we can even get to almost 2 days of autonomy.

I charging times they are not very short for such a small battery, in fact we use about 2 hours to bring the translator from 0 to 100%.

Conclusions - Langogo Genesis

Over the years, translators have made our life a lot easier than dictionaries or allowed us to make conversations without the need for a translator or an interpreter in person. The Langogo Genesis is a advanced version of classic translation devices because it integrates different functions related toartificial intelligence (although it needs some updating) and one Virtual SIM. It should certainly be applauded by the company for the practicality of the product, the goodness in translations and innovation, but nowadays it finds a great competitors: Google Translate on our smartphones.

In fact, although the Langogo Genesis is superior to many translators, I will not discuss his qualities, but about theusefulness of translators in general. Today we can also buy a smartphone under the 100 euro, just install Google Translate (and the connection, but with a phone we take it for granted that you have it) and you're done. Google's software in many languages ​​is very accurate and will also be able to understand points, commas or question marks, providing a better experience, not to mention that we can also translate texts through the camera.

Nevertheless, if you were looking for a device to act as a translator, I think the Langogo is a good solution and even if the cost is not really contained, we are talking about about 349 €, but with our discount code "gizchina3"You can save the 10% paying about it 314 €.

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