Huawei almost out of 5G in India: too much fear for future bans

huawei 5g india

Huawei could have a less important role than the one proposed in India. The Chinese company - in fact - could remain excluded from the core 5G since the three major Indian operators (Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio) intend to protect themselves against any future bans.

Huawei will not play an important role in 5G infrastructure in India

Vodafone 5G Spain Huawei


Although several countries have relied on equipment Huawei for the 5G, even after the outbreak of the Trump case, it seems that India has nevertheless decided to have a cautious position.

According to some officials, the decision is to be considered a safeguard against a possible, future ban. In doing so, Indian telecommunications companies will be kept out of any kind of "crossfire" that they may involve Huawei, la China and other global players.

As well as for Huawei, Indian companies have been reluctant to work - as a result - even with ZTE. In this sense, therefore, the work to update the equipment 5G will be delegated to European companies such as Nokia ed Ericsson.

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