Huawei and BOE announce the first LCD display with integrated fingerprint reader


The panel manufacturer BOE it is not known to the public but is one of the main suppliers of Huawei for its top of the range as the Mate 20 Pro or Huawei P30 Pro. The two companies presented the first panel LCD with fingerprint reader.

This is not a revolution, as the developments of this technology have been discussed in the past BOE, until now reserved only for panels OLED, but the announcement of the two companies shows that the steps in this direction are really significant.

Fingerprint reader under LCD display: Huawei at BOE show a prototype

Huawei BOE LCD fingerprint reader

The panel shown by the two companies at Global Display Elite Summit, in fact, is able to detect the imprint through infrared scanner with an unlocking latency of approx 300 ms. So at the moment this is not a very fast solution but considering that mass marketing is planned for the last quarter of this year, the optimization and improvement margins are certainly not to be overlooked.

Also Xiaomi has been interested in technology even though Wang Teng, director of the company's products section, does not yet consider it ready for the commercial debut.

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