Huawei is testing Aurora OS: divorce from Google is advancing

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The struggle between USA and China it is far from over. Although an extension is in place, the Trump government continues to ostracize as much as possible Huawei. And to protect their work, the manufacturer is examining all the various possibilities. Not just made at home, as in the case of HarmonyOS, but also from others. If you remember, in early summer it was started circulating the rumor that Huawei and Russia would begin to work together to use Aurora OS. Entries that now have new confirmation from the report of to Reuters.

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China and Russia alongside: Aurora OS is preparing to debut

For the uninitiated, Aurora OS is nothing but an alternative name for the best known Sailfish OS. Made known in the 2013 aboard Jolla smartphones, the operating system gave hope to all those who wanted to see an operating system separate from Google. For one reason and another, however, the project drifted, though Russia decided to invest in it. This is precisely to separate from the US monopoly formed by the Android and iOS duo and to have its own software side identity. The goal was to spread it in the nation over the 10 years (within the 2025, therefore) under the name, precisely, of Avrora OS (the Russian name of Aurora OS).

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And this could happen thanks to the ongoing collaboration with Huawei, also considering the historical controversies that see USA against China and Russia. During the 2020, the census of the Russian population, which will also take place thanks to the work of the state telephone operator Rostelecom. To perform this census will be used - guess what? - 360.000 Huawei tablet, at the edge of which it should be installed Aurora OS.

It would be a situation win-win for both nations: for Russia it would be a way to carry out large-scale OS testing by relying on an important strategic ally. For China it would represent the way to try another replacement OS for Android. "It is a pilot project. We see it as a first step to launch the Russian OS on Huawei devices", Confirmed the sources.

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