Review Dreame V9P: the Dyson of the Chinese panorama!

After trying a few weeks ago in the offices of Banggood la Dreame V9 and after appreciating its qualities, I decided to also test the Dreame V9P to understand what they were differences between the two since many argue that the "P" of the latter stands for "Pro". So let's not lose ourselves in further talk and let's answer all your questions and clarify your doubts in the complete review!

Review Dreame V9P


Inside the sales package we find a good number of accessories including:

  • Dreame V9P;
  • main brush with rotating roller;
  • rigid plastic lance with brush;
  • rigid plastic brush;
  • mini rotating brush (anti-mite);
  • metal extension;
  • wall base with charging socket;
  • power supply with European socket;
  • screws for the base;
  • instruction manual.

Dreame V9P

Design and construction

Il design area of Dreame V9P remained almost totally unchanged compared to the traditional version, the only difference lies in the upper part of the shell (where the HEPA filter is located), as we find a much more design similar to that of Dyson V8 Absolute. Apart from that, I find this electric broom to be tremendously elegance, minimal e Modern and this thanks to the alternation between white and metallic gray with some orange detail.

Dreame V9P

In short, the Dreame V9P it is made with extreme care and it shows. The materials are good even if the plastic of the brushes and the extender tube tend to be slightly scratched.

La wall base it is cleverly designed, as it can hold up the broom and we can attach two more brushes to it. As if that were not enough, it can be connected to the power supply to recharge the vacuum cleaner directly.

As regards the handle we have the classic pistol grip which I found very convenient, also because the Dreame V9P it is not very heavy to sustain (approx 1.5 kg) and, moreover, once in use the rotating brush will help us in the movements without having to strain the arm.

One thing I would have liked (and missed) is the possibility of lock the power button to avoid having to hold it down, since on lower-end solutions it is possible to do so. Furthermore, if you use the electric broom at maximum power, it will tend to overheat a bit the part of the engine that is located above the handle. Obviously the temperature is not so high as not to let you use the device, but it will give off heat.

For the rest all parts of the vacuum cleaner they can be dismounted using the appropriate buttons except the battery, which is fixed, but can still be replaced if it is damaged. As if that were not enough we can use all the brushes that we find in the package even without the metal extension.

Speaking of brushes, the main one works excellently, it hooks and unhooks easily and is very flexible. However, I wish they had gods inserted LED to light the floor during cleaning, so as to see even the finest powder.

Technical specifications - Dreame V9P

  • Motor power: 100.000 rpm;
  • Suction power: 20.000 Pa;
  • Noise level: max. 78 dB;
  • Dimensions: 60 x 22 x 23 centimeters;
  • Container capacity: 0.5 L;
  • Battery: 2500 mAh;
  • Charging time: 5 hours (approximately).


use the Dreame V9P it is really very simple because it will be enough to set the power from the buttons above the engine and then press the power button. The suction modes are well 3: I, II e MAX and speaking of the latter I must say that suction is very good even if used at minimum power.

  • Mode I: this is advisable if you use the vacuum cleaner every day and where we encounter a lighter or thinner dirt. Let's face it, it succeeds in sucking up even the most consistent dirt, but the floor will be completely clean after 2 or 3 passes;
  • Mode II: more than enough for daily cleaning. This mode is a good compromise between autonomy and power;
  • MAX mode: it sucks up whatever is in front of it, whether it is cereals, whether it is soil or even sugar and flour. In short, it is a real bomb, but on the other hand the engine tends to warm up a bit and the autonomy is reduced.

Dreame V9P

As I told you before, the spring that is on the main rotating brush it's definitely jointed and it will be possible to reach any corner. Furthermore, the rotation of the brush will help us during the movements, as it will almost seem to advance by itself.

Dreame V9P

If you need to clean other surfaces than floors, there are also other brushes. The one more fine it can be used to suck up dirt between the crevices of the sofa or in small, narrow spaces, while the more long it can also be used to vacuum large objects such as screws, bolts, pebbles and more. Finally, there is also one carpet brush, mattresses and so on, which works very well to remove hair, crumbs and dust.

Dreame V9P

Finally we come to the container, which has a capacity of 0.5 L and a 'opening downwards. Here, with regard to this aspect I must say that the opening mechanism is good, though the location is a bit uncomfortable because it often happens that the dirt ends up on your hands. However, you can overcome the problem by opening the lid backwards and then emptying it into the trash.


La Dreame V9P has a battery from 2500 mAh, which varies its autonomy according to the suction mode used. In fact with the power I it will be possible to arrive even up to 60 minutes of use, while with the MAX power we will be able to use the vacuum cleaner for up to 25 minutes.

The timing is very good for the type of broom we're dealing with, the problem is that charging is unfortunately slow. We talk, in fact, about 4 hours to carry the battery from the 0 to 100%.

Finally, remember that the battery cannot be removed using any type of button, but is screwed to the body of the Dreame V9P.

Conclusions - Dreame V9P

In conclusion, after having tried it thoroughly, I can answer the question we had at the beginning: what are they? differences between the Dreame V9 and Dreame V9P? None, or rather, the only features that differ are the shell near the engine andwall power supply with European socket instead of Chinese. We could say, therefore, that this could be the European variant area of Standard Dreame V9.

After this clarification, this vacuum cleaner is the best you can buy in China and beyond. Indeed, it is possible to find it online among the 200 and 210 euro with shipment from Spain without customs via the link below, a figure not very high if we think that Dyson they are sold at least twice and up Amazon several electric brooms in this price range slightly exceed the entry-level characteristics.

Furthermore, the seller gave us some indications regarding the purchase. In fact, anyone who buys the electric broom between the 26 and the 30 August 2019 will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • free change of broom for 2 years and 10 years of repair assistance;
  • every hour 3 customers will be extracted who have purchased Dreame V9P, who will receive a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for free.

As if that were not enough, there is also a promotion for those who purchase the device only on August 26:

  • Only one person will be drawn from the buyers, who will win a Xiaomi Mi 9T;
  • 5 customers will receive the Dreame V9P for free!
  • The best 100 buyers who leave a product review below the product page will receive an 20 dollar coupon.

To sum up, if you were looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner, with a neat design and with a good autonomy, then the Dreame V9P could be the ideal solution for you.