Xiaomi VH-328 Review: the cheap and not harmful mosquito!

Xiaomi VH-328

In the vastness of products launched recently by Xiaomi and from its partner companies we find a series of mosquito really very interesting, from the simplest one to the one with the support a Google Home e Alexa. Today, however, we will not talk about the latter but we will analyze an economic variant that is not at all harmful, or rather, it is Xiaomi VH-328. Let's not lose ourselves in further talk and let's go deeper into the product in our complete review!

Xiaomi VH-328 Review


The sales package is made of simple white cardboard, on which we find the photo of the product, while inside is the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi VH-328;
  • power cord;
  • short instruction manual in Chinese.

Design and construction

Despite talking about an economic product, Xiaomi VH-328 it is made in a manner impeccable, it is very solid and every part remains firm. On the other hand there is no surprise with Xiaomi, which takes care of its accessories down to the smallest detail despite the fact that prices are always quite low.

Xiaomi VH-328

The structure is made of Ecological ABS di good workmanship and the design turns out to be simple, but at the same time minimal enough not to be out of place in a modern home. Indeed, Xiaomi VH-328 it is a product that must be left several hours on a piece of furniture or on a desk, so it comes by itself that even the eye wants its part.

Xiaomi VH-328

Le dimensions they are compact and portable, let's talk about 111 x 121 x 131 millimeters for a weight of 315 grams. This will allow us to put the Xiaomi VH-328 inside the backpack without problems and maybe take it to the campsite or on vacation with us in the summer.

The lower compartment which should contain the mosquitoes can be unscrewed in such a way as to empty it into the dustbin, while at the top we find only the soft touch power button which will turn on the UV light and start the suction fan.


The operation of the Xiaomi VH-328 it's very simple: turning it on UV light attracts insects that, thanks to the internal fan, are sucked into the lower compartment which, subsequently, can be emptied. Therefore no type of intervention intervenes insecticide and this could be a highly solution ecologica e not harmful.

However, during my days of testing the product he never managed to catch any mosquitoes. I must specify, however, that in my area these insects are not found in large masses. The tests were carried out both with the Xiaomi VH-328 inside the house and outside the home, connected to a power bank.

In fact, the product has a consumption of 300 mAh, which means attaching it to one power bank da 10000 mAh we could have up to 30 hours of battery life! This implies that we can also use it in campground or simply in tent since we do not need a plug socket.

Xiaomi VH-328

La fan it's not very noisy and we will be able to sleep without problems even if we leave it on all night. Of course, sleep is also a bit subjective, but what I can assure you is that it is Xiaomi VH-328 turns out to be silent.


In conclusion during my tests I did not find satisfactory results, indeed, but this could be due to one low density of mosquitoes in my area (there are, but not like in other areas near water sources or very humid for example).

For the rest Xiaomi VH-328 is a product made with great care and when on offer it can be easily found around 10 €. You can monitor product discounts on the daily our Banggood Telegram channel.