Xiaomi Yeelight Mosquito Killer: lamp and racket for mosquitoes at 32 €

xiaomi kills smart mosquitoes

New branded product Xiaomi coming for the summer. It is aboutkills smart mosquitoes of the brand, built in collaboration with Yeelight. The latter, in fact, despite being an ancillary company a Xiaomian, has stood out for having reached the top in the lighting sector, to the point of bringing its products to be a best buy for all users.

At this point, you may be wondering how a mosquito killer can be smart. The product of Xiaomi e Yeelight it stands out, however, precisely because of its unique features linked to the world IoT.

xiaomi yeelight

Xiaomi's Smart Mosquito Kill: Everything You Need to Know

Home automation compatibility

It can be used with the major home automation control platforms, such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, thanks to the proprietary app Yeelight and, in doing so, you can calibrate the use.

More precisely, we will be able to choose when to turn it on automatically based on the lighting conditions and time. We will not have to worry about turning it off and turning it on manually and - even if we are away from home - thekill Xiaomi smart mosquitoes will do his duty.

Technical features

The product will also perform well from a practical point of view. Thanks to ultraviolet lamp to 360-400 nm will guarantee a success of the88.10%, certified number fromInstitute of Plant Physics and Chinese Ecology.

Thanks to the integrated lithium battery (rechargeable via USB), the product will guarantee operation for about 3-4 hours continue before needing another charge.

Price and availability

At this point you're wondering, how much will a product like that cost? The price, as per standard for Xiaomi, is always particularly content. The mosquito killer comes on the list 149 yuan, while for us "westerners" the only way to get your hands on this gem and on Banggood, through the box below.


Mosquitoes have counted hours.

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