We know well Teclast in the world of laptops, so much so that in recent months we have had the opportunity to try different types. These devices have always stood out for a relationship quality price really interesting, offering the customer a hardware able to perform his task satisfactorily. Although they all feature a very similar design, mainly inspired by Apple, these laptops do not disappoint in terms of performance. It is no exception, therefore, Teclast F15, one of the latest products of the Chinese brand. How will it have behaved, however, within our trial period? Will it have passed all the tests? Is it really worth buying it? We will try to answer all these questions, and many others, within ours Full review.

Teclast F15 review

Teclast F15


Given the size of the device, which we will see later, the sales package is quite voluminous. This does not differ, however, from the classic box shown by the Chinese company. Inside you will find space:

  • Teclast F15;
  • wall power supply with 12V / 2A output;
  • plastic film to protect the screen;
  • short instruction manual.

Design & Materials

Teclast F15 comes with a body made entirely in aluminum brushed, highlighting a design strongly inspired by Apple's MacBook. The entire external surface does not reveal any imperfections and even the assembly seems to be of a good standard. On the upper part there is also the space company logo. On the lower part, instead, we find the compartment for replacing theSSD, 4 rubbers and the two system speaker.

Teclast F15

Regarding the dimensions, however, we have no official data on the subject, except the weight that stands on 1.8 kg. Suffice it to say, in fact, that this is one of the largest laptops on the market, providing a display from 15.6 inches quite optimized.

Teclast F15

Taking a look at the ports on the laptop, we find the entrance on the right profile jack from 3.5 mm for headphones and the main microphone. On the opposite profile, however, reside the second microphone, the LED status and proprietary entry for product top-up. So where are the USB inputs? Are they actually present on this Teclast F15? Obviously yes, and they are hidden behind, at the hinge. Here is a rubber plate that, once removed, reveals 2 doors well USB 3.0 and a further entrance HDMI. Externally we also find a door for microSD.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Inside there is a space keyboard very large, which also includes a numeric keypad. This particular tends, therefore, to justify the size of the laptop. Despite everything, however, the stroke of the keys it is very soft and almost no noise is heard when it is pressed. Using Teclast F15 for work, however, I had to change my posture slightly with time, because the useful part of the keyboard is slightly shifted to the left. Unfortunately, with the keypad, the spaces can only be spaces. After a few hours of work, however, one gets used to it and everything becomes less annoying, provided one soon gets used to the different layout. There are also two different backlight levels, so as to be able to exploit its potential even at night.

Teclast F15

A little further down it is impossible to ignore the central touchpad, which actually was slightly shifted to the left. Comparing its surface with that of any other laptop on the market it remains almost open-mouthed. However, it remains one of the most precise and reliable components in this type of device. Always responds well to the touch, including also the Windows gesture, with which to speed up some operations. Being so large, however, sometimes you risk inadvertently clicking on some particular function, or moving the cursor on the screen.

Teclast F15


Taking advantage of this topic, I take the opportunity to talk about the opening system of Teclast F15. The whole upper part can be rotated, in fact, to a maximum angle of 180 °. Unfortunately, however, after about 100-110 ° the hinges begin to feel the weight of this component and a small shock is enough to make everything fall downwards. We are facing a system, so not well thought out for me.

Teclast F15

Moving on to a more operational discourse, on the other hand, we know that a laptop is on board IPS da 15.6 diagonal inches with resolution 1920 1080 pixels x. Thanks to a good reduction of the frames, the screen-to-body-ratio is 82%. The whole panel shows quite vivid colors, although not too close to reality. Difficult not to be satisfied, however, while watching a movie or your favorite TV series, thanks to the wide diagonal available.

Teclast F15

I was less convinced by the shiny front glass, which unfortunately reflects a lot under the direct sunlight. Although the maximum brightness is sufficient, on the outside you will still experience some problems when viewing the display.

Hardware & Performance

On this laptop we find a chipset Intel Celeron N4100, therefore a quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1.1 GHz, with turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz. This is a solution not too recent and this, unfortunately, has repercussions in terms of performance. To keep costs down, the company has probably decided to opt for this processor Gemini Lake eighth generation, now released in the third quarter of the 2017.

With 8 GB di RAM DDR4 it is possible, then, to carry out most daily operations without problems. The whole package Office it can easily be used, as well as Photoshop, provided that the modifications of the images are kept to a minimum. It is not possible to use i editing programs video but this is absolutely not one of that features required by a machine of this type. However, you can save a lot of data in the Teclast F15, thanks to a SSD owner from ben 256 GB. There is no memory partition, so everything can be handled normally.

Teclast F15

The product rarely goes into crisis, never highlighting problems with thermal throttling. During the most stressful work phases, or at stake, the structure heats up more on the left profile, due to the increase in temperatures at the CPU. With an integrated GPU, one Intel HD Graphics 600, you won't be able to enjoy many enticing titles, being able to exploit just a few less exorbitant titles from the performance point of view.



Teclast F15 proposes Windows 10 Home, not differentiating its offer compared to other laptops in circulation. However, it remains a fairly fast product in the navigation between the various menus. I have not found, then, problems with notifications of mails or other messages, showing from this point of view always great reliability.

All the doors on the back work perfectly and, at the software level, I found no problems.

Connectivity & Audio

On Teclast F15 we find a module Wi-Fi ac Dual Band with good performance, which manages to have a good range while maintaining the active connection even in the most difficult parts of the home. Then there is the Bluetooth 4.0 and a WebCam da 2 mega-pixels (only in 4: 3). With the latter it is possible to enjoy some video calls without too many problems, although the video quality is really poor. I must say, however, that the presence of two microphones helps a lot from the point of view of the conversation, given that our interlocutor declares to always hear our voice well.

Teclast F15

About theaudio I cannot be satisfied. I would have preferred, in fact, a higher quality on a product of this type, devoted to multimedia. Unfortunately, at maximum volume i two speakers, placed below, they suffer from some disturbance too. The higher notes are distorted and there is an almost total absence of bass, which therefore makes the sound not very full-bodied.


On this laptop we find one battery da 41.8 Wh, a unit able to easily overcome a not too stressful working day. By using this Teclast F15 for work consistently, without ever having a break, they can also be reached 4 hours of continuous ignition. It always depends a lot, however, on what kind of use it makes. Exploiting mainly the package Office, with the display of some videos on YouTube, the maximum ignition time is the one indicated a little while ago.

Taking pleasure in viewing film e TV seriesinstead, they can also be overcome 6 hours of ignition, although not using the maximum brightness and maximum volume.

Price and Conclusions

Teclast F15 is sold at approx 370 €. This is an important figure but one that does not fear so much comparison in this price range. Although the hardware features are not at the cutting edge, you may still be satisfied with its work performance. I do not see this product suitable for transport, even though it is a laptop. Who is looking for a laptop to keep at home, be it reliable and fast in common day-to-day operations, it could certainly prefer it to other smarter solutions. For all others, however, eager to always have a computer with them, this product is not recommended due to their weight and size.

The device, unfortunately, has been around for a month or so on the market and therefore it is conceivable that it is out of production. In this regard, we report a better alternative, at the same price, for the purchase if this Teclast had convinced you. We are talking about the Chuwi Aerobook, one of the best low-cost laptops on the market that convinced us and surprised us in terms of build quality: