Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light Review: beautiful and cheap!

The variety of wireless charging bases on the market is really wide, but Xiaomi, or more precisely Yeelight, wants to try to stand out by offering one accompanied by a beautiful magnetic LED lamp. We are obviously talking about the new one Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light! So let's not lose ourselves in further talk and let's find out more about our complete review.

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light Review


The sales package is made of white hardback and inside it we find the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light;
  • USB charging cable - Micro USB.

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Design and construction

Il design area of Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light it is in full company style, that is minimal e simple but at the same time pleasant. It has no particular frills, since we are talking about an elongated piece of ABS with a magnetic base at the end where the lamp resembles a volcano.

Also on that side we find the Micro USB input for power supply and two status LEDs. The lamp can be detached and positioned next to the bed or still attached magnetically to metal surfaces.


First of all it is necessary to specify that this base supports the quick charging a 7.5W to iPhone and 10W for the various Samsung, while supporting the traditional wireless charging for smartphones Xiaomi and for those Huawei, as well as all the other brands.

Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Regarding this aspect, I must say that using a Huawei Mate 20 Pro the refill was extremely slow and the passage from 0 to 100% took place in almost 8 hours! While doing the same test with a iPhone 8 it took little more than 3 hours. Everything has been done using always a fast-charging power supply.

In short, with the smartphones available the results were not great, but with Samsung the timing should shorten.

With regard to the lamp, instead, this one has two shades different: one hot tending to orange and one more cold tending to white. There battery inside it is from 500 mAh and autonomy is simply Crazy! Indeed, with light hot you can get up to 27 hours of continuous lightingwhile with that cold (more powerful) we get up to 12 hours.

Conclusions - Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light

Before we take stock we need to talk about the price sales, as the Xiaomi Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Light is available on Banggood about 25 €, but thanks to the various discount codes which you can find on ours dedicated Telegram channel, it will be possible to take it home alone 13 €!

This figure is a product that is worth a try, it does not have an ultra fast charge at 20W and results with Huawei they are not good and barely sufficient with iPhone, but the base has a beautiful aesthetic and is functional. If you find it at a higher price I don't recommend it, but this figure could be nice to have on your desk just in case.