Review Tronsmart Element T6 Plus

review tronsmart element t6 plus

Yes, on this tour we talk again about Bluetooth speakers and we do it with a product worthy of note. I'm referring to the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus, portable case that has different characteristics that make it stand out from the average. Let's find out together in this review.

Review Tronsmart Element T6 Plus

Design and construction

Apparently the Tronsmart speaker has a cylindrical and minimal design, assembled in plastic and aluminum and enriched by one fabric texture (or similar) all around. The exception is the rubber section that breaks aesthetic uniformity, but is necessary to keep it from rolling away if held horizontally and to integrate buttons and input / output ports. A bonus of this case is certification IPX6, thanks to which it can withstand splashes but not real dives.

On the top there is a knob to rotate for adjust the volume, rotation that does not occur in a sinuous way, but so be it. Below it is a blue LED that stays on when the Bluetooth connection is active. Furthermore, by pressing it you can set Play / Pause and manage calls, while keeping it pressed activates the voice assistant. On the lower section, however, there is a rubberized section that prevents slipping on the flat surfaces, in addition to the moving section of the subwoofer.

review tronsmart element t6 plus

Connectivity and audio quality

The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is rather complete in terms of connectivity. Not just for support Bluetooth 5.0, free of lag or sudden interruptions, but also for the I / O department. At the back there is both the AUX and the USB and microSD ports, allowing you to connect external devices. To switch between them there is the appropriate M key, as well as the keys to move to the next / previous track. The TWS button, on the other hand, is used to connect two T6 Plus (if you have one) and have a real one Wireless Stereo mode.

The goal of T6 Plus is to provide a very powerful audio, given that it stands on 40W: it follows a decidedly high output, very little distorted and you will hardly use it at full volume. This is possible thanks to the two integrated speakers, flanked by two passive radiators in charge of managing the low frequencies. The company talks about audio 360 °, although in reality the speakers are both on the same side, so the best rendering still happens from the front. The sound performance is very good, although we can notice a prevalence of the medium / low spectrum, with not really bright high frequencies. Wanting there is a EQ button which allows you to change 3 equalization profiles, choosing Vocal, Subwoofer and 3D Deep Bass.

review tronsmart element t6 plus


Also seen the not modest weight of 670 g of , inside the speaker there is a battery from 6600 mAh able to provide approx 15 hours continuous listening (always depending on the volume used). Given the aforementioned USB port, there is also the possibility of using it for recharge external devices to 5V 1A. There recharge of the case itself, instead, takes place via USB Type-C and it takes about 4 hours to go from 0% to 100%.

review tronsmart element t6 plus

Conclusions and price

The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus can be purchased from Amazon at a price of 65.99€. A cost that is not exactly contained, but we are still talking about a very powerful speaker, resistant to water (but not too much), with a rich connectivity and an above average autonomy. Few renunciations, therefore, therefore the price I don't think is excessive.

Last updated the 06 / 06 / 2020 13: 08

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