After trying so many cheap chinese notebooks and from the hardware not particularly handsome, this is the first time I stay pleasantly surprised from a device that looks decidedly premium and more precisely we talk about the Chuwi Aerobook. The Asian manufacturer wants to shake up their production line by making it clear that they want to raise the bar, but it's not all that gold that glitters because this notebook is not free from faults, indeed. Are you curious to find out which ones? Let's see them together in the full review!

Review Chuwi Aerobook

Unboxing - Chuwi Aerobook

Inside the sales package we find only the following equipment:

  • Chuwi Aerobook;
  • power supply with European socket;
  • instruction manual.


Like several Chinese notebooks, the Chuwi Aerobook try to mimic the design of MacBook, but unlike the others it is what for materials and construction seems to get closer. In fact, the latter has a chassis made entirely in aluminum opaque, which makes it very elegance e professional thanks also to the gunmetal color.

Chuwi Aerobook

La structure it's enough resistant, but the parts that tend to flex more under pressure are not exempt, such as the most central part of the keyboard, but otherwise I found a solidity that I had never found on an entry-level Chinese device.

NB. The price of the Chuwi Aerobook is not exactly cheap, but when I compare it to low-cost or low-end devices it is because the hardware belongs to that category.

Le dimensions are compact and excellent for using the laptop on the move, we are talking about 308.5 x 209 x 15.2 millimeters for a weight of suns 1.26 kilograms. You can put the machine in your backpack and forget it there as it is light, thin and poco bulky. As if that weren't enough, thanks to frames well optimized (at the sides they measure only 5 mm) we can enjoy a good panel from 13.3 inches by screen-to-body ratio dell '80%.

La keyboard è full size, backlit e very comfortable for writing long texts. In fact, the keys are large and have a good short run (even in this case we tried to copy the MacBooks). I was fully satisfied by the latter, but I have to make two premises: the first is that the layout è US, but of course you can set the Italian (you just have to get used to knowing the keys or sticking a sticker on the keyboard) and the second is that the key Shift on the left it has been shortened and in the last row we find the Home, End, PgUp and PgDn keys, which for the first days of use will make us lose measurements a little but, even in this case, you will only have to get used to it (they are necessary for maximum a couple of days).

I Wrist Rest are spacious and free from bending, while the trackpad is very large and also supports the gestures of Windows without problems. The latter is sensitive and responsive the right one and I have never encountered any kind of problem.

On the left side we find the USB inputs 3.0, mini HDMI, Type-C and the one for charging, unlike the opposite side on which we note the 3.0 USB ports, mini-jack and the microSD slot.


Il Chuwi Aerobook is equipped with a display IPS da 13.3 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080), 16 aspect ratio: 9, side frames of 5 mm and screen-to-body ratio of 80%.

Chuwi Aerobook

The panel this notebook is equipped with is another point in its favor, as it has a finish glossy, has one good definition and owns satisfactory colors for the use of multimedia content. Blacks and whites are enough and we have gods good viewing angles in which the chromatic range does not tend to alter, except slightly along the vertical axis at extreme inclinations.

La maximum brightness è very good both indoors and outdoors under direct sunlight. Because of glossy treatment you will have some reflection, but overall you will be able to use the notebook without too much trouble.

Hardware and Performance

After praising the Chuwi Aerobook it's time to move the first criticisms, because the hardware made available does not appear to be particularly performing, reducing the hype generated by the rest. In fact, under the body we find a dated chipset, or rather theIntel Core m3-6Y30 with a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz and flanked by one Intel HD Graphics 515 GPU, 8 GB di RAM DDR3 e 256 GB di SSD expandable via micro SD to 128 GB or through the SSX slot M.2 SATA to 1 TB. On the software side, instead, we find Windows 10 Home in Italian language.

Le performance of this notebook belong to the low-end market, as we can carry out operations on the office suite or to make one good web browsing and so on, but when more effort is required Chuwi Aerobook goes into crisis.

Let me give you some examples: using Sony Vegas a video can be mounted without too much trouble for purely purposes amateur by two video levels e two audio and some transition provided that you do not want to reproduce it in the editing preview, because at that point the graphics card will not hold the required operation making the application crash. However, mount a vlog in Full HD a 30 fps about 6 final minutes without color correction and with some small ones basic transition (I had to avoid however to reproduce them to see the result) it will need about 16 minutes, not too much.

Once the rendering is finished, however, you will realize that temperature touched by CPU I am a bit' old. Indeed, the maximum peak what I have achieved is around up to 90°C, but it must also be taken into account that the room temperature was about 30%. Despite this, under stress and without fans, there is no doubt that the device heats up (especially on the left side) and given the aluminum body, it will be impossible to keep it on the legs.

Despite this, as mentioned above, the Chuwi Aerobook behaves admirably in theuniversity use or from office because it turns out to be enough fluid e reactive in simple operations or with software that does not require excessive computing power. Furthermore, the memory turn out to be valid e much faster compared to all its low-cost Chinese competitors and this is a great advantage that, however, is justified by a certain price difference.

La GPU manages to make us play games without too many problems like Asphalt Urban, Modern Combat Versus and many others present in the store of Microsoft, while there are gods problems in video playback in 4K on YouTube, which are reproduced in pieces and cannot be processed perfectly.

Obviously it is unthinkable play Fortnite on such a machine considering also that it does not meet the minimum requirements necessary to download the game.

Connectivity, audio and camera

Aboard Chuwi Aerobook we find one Wi-Fi Dual Band that manages to guarantee us performance in line with its competitors, together with the Bluetooth 4.2. Furthermore, I found it excellent to choose two doors USB 3.0 it's a Type-C.

Chuwi Aerobook

We have one frontally camera da 2 mega-pixels, which is slightly better than some jumper or other Hold on, but still remains sufficient only for video calls and nothing more. The microphone it captures sound well even if the sound is not very clean and a little metallic.

So, as for the speaker these are positioned in the hinge between the keyboard and the display, a somewhat strange position, but it was necessary to optimize the spaces. However the volume turns out to be quite powerful, but the medium and high frequencies are more privileged at the expense of the low ones and, moreover, the audio is slightly metallic.


Il Chuwi Aerobook owns one battery da 38 Wh, which guarantees us autonomy sufficient. In fact, using the notebook for the writing articles mixed to listening to songs on Spotify e web browsing (with brightness at 95%), then we could get around 5 hours of use continued. In general, therefore, it could be excellent to take to university or office. However, if you make video or photo rendering or gaming, then the autonomy will be reduced.

La recharge it happens in about 3 hours with the supplied power supply, while if we use for example a more powerful power supply like theAnker PowerPort Atom PD 1 with maximum output a 20V = 1.5A then they will be needed 2 hours and minutes 30.

Conclusions - Chuwi Aerobook

The conclusions for this Chuwi Aerobook I am a bit' conflicting and perhaps they could be summarized in the sentence "We were almost there" and now I'll explain why. With this model, the company wanted to be more daring, trying to raise the bar and fit into a band in which they were Xiaomi reign. I must say that esthetically has succeeded, because theAerobook It's really very beautiful e well done, in addition to having a good display and up to here the price requested by the manufacturer could also be justified, but to lower the rating we think the I share hardware.

Probably to keep the price below a certain threshold Hold on had to adopt a solution seen and revised also in notebook from 200 euro and although in some cases the performances are slightly higher than the latter, the approximately 429 € required to take it home are too many if we calculate that at the same figure we can take higher machines (although very often they have a terrible aesthetic).

On other stores like Banggood e Gearbest the price goes to lower up to the 330 euro and even at this figure we can possibly take it into consideration since it is not easy to find a car with SSD 256 GB at this figure, but it all depends on what you have to do with it. If you want a PC for gaming or for professional use I do not recommend it, if you are looking for a device for university and office work then it is just fine.

However I advise you to register at Telegram channel of GizDeals because very often the product goes on offer even on Amazon, so if you are interested in buying it you can save a lot of money.

Hold on is on the right track and is demonstrating it and since it is starting to dare more it is normal that the first attempts are good in half, but we can't wait to find out if in the next months the distance with the notebooks of Xiaomi.

Design and materials
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review-chuwi-aerobookAfter trying many cheap Chinese notebooks with not particularly good hardware, this is the first time that I am pleasantly surprised by a device that has a decidedly premium look and more precisely we are talking about the Chuwi Aerobook. The Asian producer wants to shake up the ...