Honor M / V / N / X: explained the meaning of the acronyms

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Born as a simple sub-brand of Huawei, dedicated to the online world, Honor promptly took large portions of the mobile market, mid-range and beyond. This is why the company wanted to divide its fleet of devices into several families, in order to create a dividing line between them. And the reason for these acronyms was explained directly by Zhao Ming, president of Honor, on the occasion of the official presentation of Honor 9X and 9X Pro.

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Zhao Ming was keen to specify that the Honor smartphone ranges are divided into 4 groups, ie Honor M / V / N / X. The family Honor M, better known as "Magic“, Is the one charged with testing future technologies. Just think of the first one Honor Magic, at the time considered to all intents and purposes a concept phone, albeit marketed.

It then passes to ad Honor V, here in Europe as widespread Honor View, or the range on which the best technologies are used. Here we will find the first 5G smartphone company, presumably Honor V30 / View 30. Then there is Honor N, also called "Digital Line", an acronym for the use of "technological trends". As reported by journalists attending the event, the N range would indicate the set of flagships like Honor 20 / 20 Pro.

Let's finish with Honor X, which represents the meaning of "because we can", Or the sale of premium products but at a price around 2000 yuan. Just think of the aforementioned Honor 9X and 9X Pro, which inherit a series of important sales: the last Honor 8X sold more than 15 million units.

This does not mean that there will be no other abbreviations. For example the low-ends Honor Play, since we will soon see the arrival of Honor Play 9C and 9A. On the contrary, we could say goodbye to models Notes e Max, given the lack of interest in recent years.

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