Review Chuwi LapBook Pro: comfortable and balanced

Chuwi LapBook Pro

During these years we have had the chance to try many branded products Hold on, mainly laptop. We have always been satisfied with the relationship quality price fielded by the company, although sometimes it could have given more in terms of performance. Like on Chuwi LapBook SE, also in the product that we are going to analyze today we find, therefore, a fairly given CPU. This is not a very energy-intensive product but as far as computing power is concerned we are not at high levels. Chuwi LapBook Pro it therefore appears as a comfortable, manageable and extremely balanced product. Let's find out better together, within ours Full review.

Review Chuwi LapBook Pro


In the sales package, made of cardboard, the following accessories are present:

  • Chuwi LapBook Pro;
  • power supply with European socket and USB Type-C;
  • plastic film pre-applied on the screen.

Design & Materials

Chuwi LapBook Pro comes with a body made entirely in metal, showing a brushed aluminum surface. From a constructive point of view, therefore, the laptop is solid and well assembled, not showing crunches or imperfections worthy of note. On the front there is no logo, outlining itself as one of the most minimalist products of the Chinese brand. Regarding the dimensions, however, this device measures 324.2 x 209 x 13.4 mm thick, with a weight of 1.43 Kg. In any case, it is a very handy laptop that can be carried in any type of medium-sized backpack.

Chuwi LapBook Pro

On the back there is a series of screws, which give access to all the internal components of the device. Taking a look to the right, then, it is impossible not to notice the space dedicated to a SSD M.2 SATA external. Along the lower profile, however, are visible two stereo speakers, positioned equidistantly from one another.

Regarding the ports on the laptop, we find an entrance on the left USB Type-C for recharging, a Status LED and an entrance micro HDMI. On the right side, instead, there is the hole jack from 3.5 mm for headphones and a door USB 3.0. Therefore, in the event that Chuwi LapBook Pro is used for work, the lack of any other connectivity alternative could lead to its withdrawal.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Looking at the keyboard, you can see the presence of a American layout. This problem can, however, be solved with the use of special ones sticker, thus changing the setting of the keyboard itself. In spite of everything, however, the entire structure reaches almost flush with the body and presents a double backlight level, so you can work even in the evening. Analyzing the comfort in the writing phase, then, I must say that the stroke of the keys is not too soft, although it is always accurate. With a normal pressure, in fact, a beautiful sound is produced, a sign that the underlying system is well made. Even during the most intense work sessions, there is no problem in typing, thanks also to the distance of the keys which is really optimal.

Chuwi LapBook Pro

A little lower down, in the lower part, resides a touchpad small in size. It is not, in fact, the largest surface ever seen on a product of this type, while still being comfortable in everyday use. This component is enabled to take advantage of the Windows gesture and every single touch always corresponds to a movement of the cursor on the display. In the space in front of the side edges the touchpad responds well, denoting an almost total touch surface coverage.

Chuwi LapBook Pro


We are in front of a Windows laptop with display from 14.1 diagonal inches and resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel). One is indicated on the official website, among other things screen-to-body-ratio of 90% but I'm pretty sure this data is not reliable. Although the frames are still quite small, in the lower part the space between the display and the body is really wide, including the company logo. However, the structure that keeps it upright is a big point in favor of this panel. It's about a hinge quite solid, which allows you to rotate the panel at an angle of approximately 120 °.

Chuwi LapBook Pro

The entire chromatic range it is well reproduced, although showing shallow blacks and white tending slightly to yellow. In fact, on Chuwi LapBook Pro there is a matrix panel IPS which tends to have these problems. The viewing angles, however, are quite good but in direct sunlight glossy glass it is not the best choice to work. On a laptop of this type I would have preferred, in fact, an anti-reflection surface, given that its dimensions lend themselves to marked mobility. You will be satisfied, however, of its performance especially in closed environments, where the reflections are clearly inferior.

Hardware & Performance

A Chuwi LapBook Pro has space for a chipset Intel Celeron N4100, therefore a quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1.1 GHz, with turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz. This is a solution not too recent and this, unfortunately, has repercussions in terms of performance. To keep costs down, the company has probably decided to opt for this processor Gemini Lake eighth generation, now released in the third quarter of the 2017.

They are not the only ones to help 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM that are scarce for any type of graphic work, such as editing images on Photoshop. It is always necessary to have the foresight, in fact, to work in a fairly soft manner with the most demanding programs in terms of performance. However, getting into video editing projects and works of this type is not practically possible. On this laptop, moreover, we don't find an SSD, but a normal memory eMMC5.1 da 64 GB, suitable for the storage of all data. Despite this, on the back there is a compartment that can accommodate a SSD M.2 SATA, increasing the available space up to 512 GB.

With this device it is possible to manage all the work tasks, where the various programs of the package are involved Office and little else. By stressing the system, there is no thermal throttling, although the left side of the laptop heats up considerably on these occasions. As for gaming, instead, with a GPU Intel HD Graphics 600, with frequency of 700 MHz, you won't be able to enjoy many enticing titles, being able to take advantage of just a few video games less exorbitant in terms of performance.



Chuwi LapBook Pro is equipped with Windows 10 Home, not differing in nothing compared to what is offered on other competing laptops. Thanks to its hardware, this product manages to maintain one fair fluidity in all menus, without showing slowdowns or system freezes. Therefore, you will have no problem in receiving emails or other messages, as well as viewing streaming content. With Netflix e Amazon Prime VideoIn fact, I have always been able to enjoy satisfactory performances.

Even on this laptop are present all the rights of Windows, being able to manage the system as on other similar products.

Connectivity & Audio

A module resides on this Chuwi LapBook Pro Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac a double band, which guarantees excellent performance anywhere in the house, even the most difficult ones. Although the door USB Type-C 3.0 it is used to recharge the device, thanks to it it is also possible to exploit external peripherals. If you have a special adapter, then, you can use its speed to transfer data from a USB key or to attach a simple HUB.

Then there is the Bluetooth 4.0 and a WebCam da 2 mega-pixels (only in 4: 3). With the latter it is possible to enjoy some video calls without too many problems, although the video quality is really poor. Find the microphone on this unit, then, it's almost a business, so much so that during calls our interlocutor might not hear the voice clearly. Come on two speakers lower, however, the quality is only sufficient, since the volume is not absolutely high and the bass are completely absent.


This laptop produced by Chuwi features a battery from 38 Wh. Taking advantage of the device in a continuous way, mainly for work and some videos on YouTube, you don't exceed the 3 hours and 30 minutes of use. With the vision, instead, of TV series on Netflix we reach the fifth hour with still a 10% of residual charge. It is not, therefore, the best laptop from this point of view, offering a fairly limited autonomy during the work phases.

Reloading the device by 10 to 100%, then, they are used approximately 3 hours thanks to the power supply from 12V / 2A.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi LapBook Pro is sold at approx 360 €. It is certainly not a high figure, especially for the performance that is offered by this machine. You will be satisfied, in fact, by the good reliability shown in every daily operation, while remaining within a certain range. This product has not been designed, in fact, for any work where a great effort of the hardware is needed, such as video editing and image retouching. Although the weight is not the most contained, then, this product remains comfortable to take with you on any occasion.

On eBay you can buy it for the amount shown above but if you are intent on saving as much as possible you could head up AliExpress! Currently the product can be purchased at approx 260€ from e-commerce.

For all the promos you can refer to dedicated page on the official store.

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