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eufyCam E

We live in a very particular historical phase, where we are all interconnected. We continually surround ourselves with smart devices that trace our position, take into account the movements and advise us which is the best place to go when we don't know where to go. These aspects, as you can imagine, often contribute to creating anxiety and uncertainty. For this reason, several users have decided to invest in their own over time safety, buying systems that can control their homes.

From a certain moment onwards, so many companies have run for cover and have begun to produce special increasingly sophisticated systems. Among the many users, moreover, some have shown some interest also for the outdoors, thus ensuring greater control over the entire perimeter of the house. And it is precisely here that the product that we will talk about shortly comes into play. It is, in fact, the security system developed by Anchor, Named eufyCam E. This has a number of interesting features that could be useful to different consumers. Let's find out more about what it is, inside ours Full review.

Review Anker eufyCam E

eufyCam E


The sales package has important dimensions, showing many accessories inside. Along all the profiles various images and product features are illustrated, which briefly explain all the main features of the system. Looking inside the box, we find:

  • 2 eufyCam E, security cameras;
  • set of screws for mounting;
  • 2 outdoor anchoring systems;
  • 2 anchoring systems for interiors;
  • microSD from 16 GB;
  • HomeBase E;
  • Ethernet cable to be connected to HomeBase E;
  • wall power supply for HomeBase E;
  • USB / micro-USB cable;
  • short instruction manual, in English.

Construction & Materials

What we have tried in recent weeks is the basic kit, composed of a single HomeBase and from two main rooms. All the units present in the sales box are made with a particular composite material, which is very similar to the touch plastic. Being safety chambers for outdoorshowever, these are certified IP65. They can therefore withstand the water and the most extreme temperatures, passing by -20 ° C to + 50 ° C without problems. Individually the cameras record a weight supported by 360 grams, showing dimensions all in all contained that stand on 87 x 51 x 82 mm.

eufyCam E

With regard to the HomeBase, we find mainly a plastic construction. On the front is shown the product logo and a Status LED. Instead, we find all the essential components for the correct functioning of the system. Starting from the left, we have a synchronization button, the hole for theHomeBase power supply, an entrance USB, the door to the Ethernet cable and a compartment for microSD. In the upper profile there is only one key, dedicated to system synchronization and alarm. Lower down, on the basis of the eufyCam E system, there is a rubberized surface that guarantees stability to the structure.


We have already taken a look at the aesthetic features of the HomeBase. What is most interesting, however, is understanding how the two were designed security rooms present in the package. In addition to having a fairly strong weight, they show an absolute solidity and compactness. They also have sinuous and rounded shapes.

eufyCam E

Looking at the front profile of the eufyCams it is possible to see the main objective. Let's talk about a sensor Sony Exmor high level, with opening f / 2.2. On the side there are also an infrared sensor and a Infrared LEDs. These are clearly visible when you approach the room in the evening, because they almost immediately light up to ensure greater sharpness to the image. Further down, there is also a grid containing the speaker.

eufyCam E

Turning the camera we reach the back profile. Here there is a key for the synchronization, the hole containing the thread for the wall fixing, the entrance micro-USB for charging the room. In fact, every single unit has a lithium battery which, according to the company, should last about one single charge 365 days. From my point of view, once the two chambers were removed from the package, I immediately installed them, without first connecting them to the current. At the first ignition they showed 4 notches of charge and after a little more than two weeks the situation remained so.


The sales box contains all the accessories needed for mounting the safety chambers. You can also choose between two fixing systems details. As far as the first anchoring system is concerned, this is the most classic solution. You will have to fix the threaded piece to the wall and then screw the chamber onto it. This first option guarantees, according to the company, greater stability over time.

Analyzing the second method, we can say that initially this follows the same rules seen previously. You will have to install, however, the other support present in the package, or the one that shows a semi-circumference on the upper end. When the fixing to the wall is complete, you can hang yours eufyCam E thanks to magnetic force of the two devices. Personally I have used this option because of its greater practicality and I have never felt any stability problem.


  eufyCam E on the market allow you to record at a maximum resolution of 1080p. They are also equipped with infrared sensors able to show greater clarity in the night hours. With this option active, in fact, the subjects are clearly distinguishable and the various changes of brightness are very reactive. The range covered, then, is quite satisfactory. Every single unit has a viewing angle of well- 140 °, offering a really good overview of the surrounding environment. If by day, however, the field of view it is very wide, at night this is reduced to a distance of about 8 meters. The quality expressed is satisfactory but I would have preferred that the recording time, when a subject is detected, was greater. Sometimes the system seems to be a bit conservative from this point of view, aware of the fact that with the immediate arrival of the notification it is possible to see almost directly what happens, entering the app.

There is one inside each security room speaker and a microphone. Anker has decided to implement these two components because the product allows communication between two subjects. In fact, this function is present on the relevant app.

In the event that any person decides to manually remove the chambers from their housing, thealarm. Not before, however, having set it up through the app EufySecurity. An 100 decibel siren starts to sound, in fact, when the accelerometer detects the movement of the unit.


This security system cannot do without an internet connection. For this reason, the HomeBase must be connected to the home modem or to your reference router. Using the cable Ethernet provided in pack you can create, in fact, a communication bridge between the modem and the HomeBase. At this point, once the base is powered up, it is necessary to install the relevant smartphone app. EufySecurity is available both on Play Store that on the App Store. Thanks to it, it will be possible to register all the security units in our possession.

Means Wi-Fi the individual chambers communicate with the HomeBase, so a fairly powerful and stable connection is required, especially if the units are placed at a great distance from the central base. Once the configuration is finished, simple and fast, it is possible to set different control profiles. By clicking on modality, depending on the situation, you can decide how to set up the individual units. The whole program is customizable. Remaining on the main page, instead, the previews of the active devices are displayed. Entering them, then, the live image is loaded. The menu below will be allowed start a recording, make one screenshot, start one vocal reproduction o silence the room. By selecting the last item, instead, we will be able to go directly to the calendar private events, disable the night vision, manually start thealarm and enter the settings of the selected room.


In the event that the system detects data movements, these will be notified instantly on your smartphone. A record will be kept in memory, which can also be consulted in the following days, through the section Events. The latter is well subdivided, showing every day of the week with a list, day by day, of the surveys carried out and the relative videos.

On Devices is shown, in addition to the preview, the charge of the single security room, the enabling of the motion detection and the state of the Wifi connection. Personally I have set a sensitivity enough high in motion detection and I have to say that the system has never lost a beat. Even the flight of birds in front of the balcony set off the alarm.

In the event that the customer was in possession of a . equipped with a configuration for surveillance, this eufyCam E would be able to send all the data to the NAS itself, saving a copy on the device. For all other users, you can use microSD already present in the package, that with 16 GB it should guarantee the storage of a good amount of data. Storage, however, can be increased up to 128 GB. A. Is also available cloud service, for a fee, through which to save all progress without weighing down the physical units. In any case, all the data is encrypted according to the military standard AES 256.

Great advantage, then, is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa e Google Assistant. In this way it is possible to integrate this security system with all the other devices scattered around the house.


With the configuration in our possession, avoid it eufyCam E 2-Cam Kit, it's up to shell out 399,99 € on Amazon. For a single security room, on the other hand, the amount requested is equal to 199,99 euro. So let's talk about particularly important figures. However, it is not the most expensive product on the market in this type of system.

Taking a look at the competition, there are packages similar to the one proposed by Anker but which are offered at almost twice the price. For example, Arlo Ultra costs about 750 euros on Amazon, while offering a slightly higher overall quality. For those who do not have too many claims, however, this eufyCam E it can be more than satisfactory, doing its job well and showing an almost disarming ease of use.

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