Xiaomi says goodbye to the MIUI Global Beta for all smartphones

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What seemed to be an ugly blow only partially now now definitely becomes. Except second thoughts, the program MIUI Global Beta will be stopped entirely. Directly on its official website, the MIUI team has announced that starting since 1 July no versions of the MIUI Global Beta will be released for no model of smartphone. This means not only for the old models, as communicated days ago, but for any terminal branded Xiaomi and Redmi.

Bad news: no more Global Beta on any smartphone

Motivation is always the same: focus on the MIUI Stable, both from users and MIUI developers themselves. More and more users are used to use the MIUI Beta on a daily basis and not by chance. It is on this version of the Xiaomi ROM, in fact, that new features introduced in advance. Consequently, it is a tempting opportunity for those who want to have all the news at hand, also thanks to a more than good stability usually offered by Global Beta. However, this detracts from the MIUI Stable, which is actually the main ROM. Moreover, many of those who use the MIUI Beta do not return any feedback, making the whole thing loose.

Therefore, by eliminating the MIUI Beta, the intent of Xiaomi is divert all users to stable ROM, which will also receive more attention from the developers. As a result, more updates are expected with more frequency, although we are sure this news will displease not a few users. We will see how the situation will evolve, hoping that it will not turn into a slowdown in updates but above all the introduction of new features. And what do you think: are you for or against? Express your (calm) opinion below in the comments.

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