Amazfit BIP destroys the Mi Band 4 at this price: only 39 € | Super offer

Super Amazfit BIP offer

One of the most popular devices in the smartwatch industry is certainly theAmazfit BIP which, despite having been out for more than a year, continues to win new users thanks to its incredible autonomy and a very complete package of features.

Recently Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in Italy at a great price of 34.99 € but today theAmazfit BIP broke the wall of the 40 € with a super offer on Banggood alone 39 €. This discount is available while stocks last and therefore could be exhausted in a short time.

Amazfit discount code BIP: only 39 € with this offer!

Given that theAmazfit BIP offers an extra gear in terms of software and hardware functionality compared to Mi Band 4, the discounted price of the BIP of only 5 € more than the smart band makes it an absolute best-buy.

The technical data sheet of the device is as follows:

  • Display: 1.28 ″ Transflective - LED backlight;
  • Protection: Gorilla Glass;
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, GPS;
  • Battery: 190 mAh;
  • IP68 certification;
  • Weight: 32 grams.

Amazfit BIP offer: here's how to buy it at 39 €!

Super Amazfit BIP offer

To take advantage of the promotion, click on the link below, select the warehouse GWTR add the product to the cart and enter the discount code in the appropriate field. The shipments we recommend for purchase are the following:

  • Air Parcel: free with low risk of customs and delivery in about 25 working days;
  • Priority Direct Mail: paid (3,78 €) without any risk of customs and delivery in 10 / 15 working days.

12.55 Hours Update: as expected, the offer was sold out by recording a full house. A new discount has been activated for the same coupon a 44.68 €

AmazFit Bip - Banggood

The variant of the device is international and can be easily customized thanks to the support of the our large community from more than 8000 members in collaboration with the "ilgruppotester" development team.

If you are interested in purchasing accessories compatible with the device, a this link find our selection.