Security problems for "Shot on OnePlus": the app shows users' e-mail addresses

shot on oneplus

Shot on OnePlus is a service offered by the company through which all users have the opportunity to draw on a carousel of wallpapers shot by the same OP users. However the app would not be so safe. According to what was discovered by 9to5Google, based on the gid of each image you can go back to the user's email address.

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Problems for Shot on OnePlus, the company runs for cover

The security problem, at first dammed by OnePlus if you update the app's API, it would have been repurposed. The solution found by the company - which obscures the email address - would not be sufficient. In fact, by accessing the gid (an alphanumeric identification code used to identify the user) it would also be possible to modify the information of the users themselves.

By virtue of this breach in security for "Shot on OnePlus", the same company - after the criticisms, issued a statement, reiterating the commitment to its users and the confidentiality of the data. After expressing himself, he also has updated the API again, inhibiting the functionality able to modify the information. At present users will not be at risk.

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