OPPO reveals the Under-Screen Camera: the revolution in the smartphone industry is coming!

Opposite camera under the display

As anticipated by the Chinese company itself today OPPO presented its new technology for the first time Under-Screen Camera (USC), the first camera integrated in the display! This is a solution that will give a strong shock to the smartphone industry, allowing us to use models without notches and holes and at the same time giving up complex mechanical parts (precisely the pop-up modules).

OPPO presented the new Under-Screen Camera and MeshTalk technology at the MWC 2019 in Shanghai

Opposite camera under the display

Presented during MWC 2019 di Shanghai, technology USC di OPPO is a solution that allows you to benefit from a fully Full Screen display by supporting a personalized photo module that captures more light by exploiting algorithms optimized and learning ofAI to improve the performance of the selfie camera. The zoom control is managed on the screen to control the pixels in the area directly above the camera.


The screen is made of a material particolarmente transparent and the new technology allows enough light to pass through to allow the display to coexist with the camera's functions. And among these, in addition to the classics self-portraits, OPPO also refers to video calls and at the release by face recognition.

How the camera works under the OPPO display


In terms of hardware, OPPO uses a highly transparent custom material, which creates a balance between the display features and the transmission of light across the screen. The company - in collaboration with its partners - has also customized the photo module with an opening and a sensor wider, intervening on the size of the pixels to optimize photography.


On the software side, the Asian company has used a algorithm proprietario optimized with HDR, haze removal and white balance, to improve image quality. OPPO's custom algorithm allows you to have brightness and details and - at the same time - to use features such as mode Beauty and filters.


MeshTalk: the new short-range communication solution

In addition to announcing its camera below the display, OPPO also presented MeshTalk, a proprietary communication technology that allows the transmission of texts, Message Voice e telephone calls via OPPO devices within 3 Km. All without using the telephone network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Moreover MeshTalk allows to create a local network (LAN) between multiple devices, allowing the creation of group chats. This technology is based on the customization of the chip dedicated to communication, taking advantage of the advantages of decentralization. It follows a highest level of privacy, being a solution end-to-end that bypasses stations, servers and other devices.

Reno 5G and IoT

To conclude, in addition to the innovations mentioned above, the company has also shown its flagship Reno 5G (equipped with the SoC Snapdragon 855 and the X50 modem), already available in various markets. Finally, in the IoT Smart Home Zone present at its stand MWC 2019 di Shanghai, OPPO showed its open IoT platform, compatible with over 20 product categories and more than 260 device SKUs of different brands.

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