OPPO launches Mesh Talk: offline and private communications within 3 km

oppo mesh talk

OPPO has lowered its axes at the MWC 2019 of Shanghai. Not only amazed everyone by showing the first smartphone prototype with camera below the display, but also presented Mesh Talk. At least as far as impact is concerned, this is a very interesting new technology, given that it aims to make communication more independent and private. This is a feature of end-to-end communication, therefore detached from servers or network terminals.

OPPO Mesh Talk technology aims at privacy and network independence

Thanks for a good coverage 3 km, it is thus possible to communicate between OPPO devices without depending on third-party networks or services of any kind. Not just phone calls, but also voice and text messages, like a real social media platform. All without even being connected to the 3G / 4G network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: practically a walkie-talkie on steroids. Here is the official OPPO statement:

"At MWC Shanghai 2019, OPPO presented MeshTalk, a new proprietary communication technology that allows the transmission of texts, voice messages and phone calls via OPPO devices within 3 km without having to use the telephone network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. OPPO MeshTalk also allows multiple devices to create an ad hoc local area network (LAN) allowing the creation of group chats and expanding the communication range via a signal relay. MeshTalk supports LAN communications wherever OPPO devices are located, provided they are in the mutual signal range."

To develop its MeshTalk technology, OPPO has customized the communication chip to take advantage of decentralization, greater speed and lower power consumption. MeshTalk is an innovative end-to-end communication solution that bypasses base stations, servers and other devices, allowing users a higher level of privacy."

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