Mini Drone on offer at 8 €: take advantage of the 35% discount


New appointment with the offers of Tinydeal. This time we will not offer you a product Xiaomi but rather a small toy that you can use right in the summer. This is a mini drone for the cost of only 8 €.

The mini drone at 8.4 € on TinyDeal

The mini drone on offer on TinyDeal of 35% It is an ideal toy for children, but you can still enjoy flying it.

What is the strong point? The small drone promises a duration of approximately 7 minutes with an 30 charge, an excellent standard for the type of product. Autonomy guaranteed by a battery of 100 mAh and weight of 220 grams.

To all this we add the price: really inertia. You can buy the drone alone  € 8.44. This will also allow you to receive the product with free shipping costs and no customs risk.


Mini Drone - TinyDeal

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