HongMeng OS could be based on Aurora OS with launch in October

Huawei Hongmeng OS

We continue to follow the story between Huawei e Donald Trump with fervor. After the possible agreement undertaken between different Chinese brands for installation on your own devices (OPPO e Xiaomi) of the new operating system of Huawei, here it is HongMeng OS could see the light in the month of October. According to a report, the Chinese company would be ready to launch this system on the next generation of smartphones.

HongMeng OS: new details on launch and applications

Huawei Hongmeng OS

If initially the new system should have been presented in September, it appears from the latest reports that the event has been moved to the following month. Huawei is ready to enter the market with a completely new look, which may initially disappoint many users.

Probably, in fact, HongMeng OS it will not be immediately rich in applications so as to satisfy any market segment. All the most demanding consumers, who aspire to a top of the full range, would be disappointed. This is why Huawei plans to start with the roll-out of the sui system lower end devices. With this strategy, it can better probe the market and understand what the real needs of the public are, perfecting the new OS.

After the Chinese one, the European market is the most important for Huawei. Precisely for this reason the company is developing a series of apps to be implemented on HongMeng OS that can also be used on our territory without problems. Despite some hitches, according to a first one forecast However, Huawei should end the year with 200 million units sold. There is another report drawn up by the analyst Guo Mingxi which hopes instead for sales equal to 225 million units only in the 2019.

Huawei could develop an Aurora OS Fork

Huawei Hongmeng OS

The question we will deal with in between raises some doubts poco, because a company like Huawei could also afford not to use Android anymore. Currently, in fact, HongMeng OS would be based on the open source system of the green robot. Not being able to make more use of Google services it is a problem but the software base is always available to developers, thus limiting the initial work to a mere interface personalization. Obviously, then, the need arises to make its users migrate to new applications and this is one of the most important critical issues.

However, Huawei seems to have another alternative in mind. According to sources close to the company, and leaked through the Russian newspaper The Bell, the Chinese giant is considering the possibility of exploiting the potential offered by Aurora OS. Have you ever heard of this operating system? Do not despair, because it is a solution poco common, especially in the smartphone world where there is practically a duopoly.

Huawei allies with Russia?

Aurora OS, however, is a Russian development mobile operating system based on the open source distribution of Sailfish OS Linux, developed by the Finnish company Jolla. As said, iOS and Android are masters of the mobile market, but Aurora OS focuses on privacy and security, gaining the trust of many users around the world.

Breaking completely from Android could be risky, but Huawei is considering the possibility of being banned completely from the market, not being able to use more than any US product, both hardware and software.

Surely the situation will have other turning points and we will not fail to inform you in due course about developments.

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