Xiaomi 11L Backpack Colorful 2 Review: 6 waterproof backpack euro!

As you well know Xiaomi does not only produce smartphones and electronic devices but, through its subsidiary companies, also creates and markets products for the home, for everyday life and various accessories. In today's review, in fact, we'll talk about an extremely economical waterproof backpack, that is, it Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack, which can be defined as the successor of the much talked-about Xiaomi Colorful Backpack 10L which we have already analyzed a few months ago. So let's not get lost in further talk and discover it together in our article.

Xiaomi 11L Backpack Colorful 2 Review

Construction and design

The design of the Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack it is not particularly appealing, on the whole it is simple and anonymous, but given the paltry cost we can also go over it. The plot of the backpack is checkered, which is typical of some waterproof products such as that of some jackets of "The North Face", while the colors available are well 5: blue, red, yellow, green and black.

Compared to the previous model, one has the impression that the fabric is more fragile as it is much finer and less padded. In fact, I strongly advise against inserting electronic devices, as we do not find protections that preserve their integrity.

Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack

On the other hand the fabric turns out to be quite resistant and the zips are firm if we consider that it is Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack costs only 6 euro. The shoulder straps have minimal and not very perceptible padding and are the part that least convinced me of the product, especially because of the thick black seam that affects the design.

Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack

The dimensions are of 220 x 135 x 340 millimeters for a weight of about 150 grams (but I also think something less) and the total capacity is of 11 liters. Externally it has a pocket in the lower part, while internally there is a compartment attached to the back, which should be dedicated to the notebook or a tablet.

As previously mentioned, I personally would advise against the transport of electronic devices, but otherwise the backpack is perfect for trips out of town, for use at the beach, for sport or for some basic and / or leisure use.


Compared to the previous model, the design and maximum capacity change, but not the price. Indeed, it Xiaomi 11L Colorful 2 Backpack is available on Banggood about 6.20 € in flash offer (it is very frequent as an offer) and to this figure it is difficult to expect much more. However, on an aesthetic and constructive level I prefer the previous model, which is more pleasing to the eye and with greater padding which gives a feeling of safety and protection.

In addition, it Xiaomi 10L Colorful Backpack Bag (the first model) is available at approx 5.20 € thanks to the various coupons that we share daily on Banggood Telegram channel.