Xiaomi and IKEA launch a table with wireless charging

xiaomi ikea wireless charging table

Starting from the end 2018 is a collaboration was born between two giants like Xiaomi e IKEA. By relying on one another's capabilities, interesting products can certainly be born. Just like this table with wireless charging, with which to quickly load compatible devices without additional accessories.

The partnership between Xiaomi and IKEA continues: new table with wireless charging

Initially the synergy between Xiaomi and IKEA had only made IKEA-branded smart lighting products compatible with Xiaomi's IoT platform (for China). But now we see the launch of a real product, although no details on the price and date of marketing have yet been revealed.

Going back to the table, the technology used is much less sophisticated than previously rumored. Even Xiaomi has made a video showing how to make it yourself, in pure DIY style. Just take a IKEA table of the cost of 119 yuan (about 15 €), drill it with a cutter and insert us and one Xiaomi wireless charging base from 99 yuan (about 12 €).

By doing this you get a table capable of upload to 20W smartphones with wireless charging support. However, it will be necessary for the device to rest exactly where the charger is and not all along the table. This is not a novelty in an absolute sense: on the market there are already numerous proposals of this kind, from tables to bedside tables. But the strong point of a couple like Xiaomi / IKEA will certainly be the low cost.

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