Beware of scam on the site prices too low to be true scam site

We find ourselves once again telling you about a possible one scam for buying smartphones. As in the past few weeks, a dominion returns insistently this time that looks like a scam.

The other cases of fraud (Thu) is (Thu) is a scam: you understand it this way scam site mi 9 199 €

Compared to the past it improves the graphics, and this could mislead even more users, but there are small alarm bells that will call your attention. Let's see what they are.

At first glance the site seems to be taken care of and, surely, in your eyes the absurd prices will jump, with 60% discounts on smartphones that can hardly be found in stock: just look at the Xiaomi Mi 9 for only 199 €! Here it clicks the scam: presents prices that are too cheap to be true. You will also find some inconveniences, an e-commerce that claims to be Italian that presents several voices in Spanish, but not only. Paying attention to the title of the web page you will see the words "Buy a Mii phone". In short, with a little attention you will immediately understand the site fraudulent intentions.

Waiting for an official communication from Xiaomiwe strongly advise against buying from this store referring only to the official company channels (UnieuroMi.comThe AmazonMediaWorld) or sites recommended by our staff of GizDeals.

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