It seems almost absurd that today we are going to analyze a notebook which, thanks to the different available on ours channels of offers on Telegram, is less expensive than an average low-end smartphone! In fact, I anticipate that immediately Chuwi HeroBook is currently sold to 166 €, a very low figure even if this is justified by a seemingly discouraging technical sheet. But how will he behave during our test days? Is it worth buying it or is it better to play it safe and spend a little more? We just have to find out in our full review.

Review Chuwi HeroBook

Unboxing - Chuwi HeroBook

The sales package is made of simple cardboard and inside we find the following equipment:

  • Chuwi HeroBook;
  • power supply;
  • instruction manual.

Construction and design

Despite the very low price, the Chuwi HeroBook presents a design rather modern e endearing, although he tries to imitate that of Apple. In fact we have a wide range keyboard that comes almost flush with the body and a broad touchpad which still leaves room for the wrists during writing. Externally we find surfaces completely devoid of any detail capable of embellishing the notebook, except for the rubber pads and the writing "HeroBook".

I materials used are obviously inexpensive, we are talking about a body made entirely in plastic but, despite the price is close to that of theOnda Xiaoma, there is no history: the Chuwi HeroBook it is better both in design in that construction (which in the Wave is really cheap). Here the bodywork does not tend to flex so much, not even in the middle of the keyboard, which is usually a critical part of cheap machines.

This laptop has no generous dimensions, more in detail we talk about 33.2 x 21.4 x 2.13 centimeters for a weight of suns 1.48 kilograms, so it turns out to be perfect for mobility: it will seem not to have it in the backpack.

La keyboard ha American layout, but you can set it in Italian without any problem. Obviously if you have never used it you will have to do a little habit of it, but you can also buy some stickers to facilitate and speed up writing in daily use.

Chuwi HeroBook


The latter is really very spacious and it's perfect for writing, as we will not accidentally press other keys thanks to a good distance between them. Furthermore, I found a rather pleasant ride.


In the same way I was also satisfied with the touchpad, which is decidedly broad and supports perfectly all the gestures di Windows allowing us to speed up not to poco the simplest daily operations.

Chuwi HeroBook

On the right side we find the USB inputs 2.0, microSD and mini-jack, unlike the left side where you can see the 3.0 USB inputs, mini HDMI, as well as the one for charging and status LED.


Il Chuwi HeroBook owns a LCD display da 14 inches diagonal with resolution 1366 768 pixels x, density of PPI 112, 16 report: 9 and treatment Glossy.

Chuwi HeroBook

Certainly we are not talking about a sublime unit also because the maximum brightness is sufficient in closed environments, but under direct sunlight it does not work miracles. THE colors they are in line with its price range, so they are not very heavy, but all in all we cannot expect much.

What instead makes the nose turn up a little viewing angles because on the horizontal axis we don't notice particular variations, while on the vertical one we see a great alteration.


Il Chuwi HeroBook is moved by a chipset that is not particularly good, or a Intel Atom x5-E8000 including a quad-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.0 GHz, GPU Intel HD Graphics N3000, 4 GB di RAM DDR3, 64 GB di internal memory eMMC expandable through microSD e SSD via the slot M2.Sata.

As you can well imagine this it's not a laptop designed for heavy productivity or for gaming. In fact, the hardware available will allow us to use this device right for the web browsing, to see some movies on Netflix and for the office suite.

Every now and then, with too many heavy applications open in the background, this one Hold on points out some slowdown, but for basic or "university" use it will be just fine.

In spite of everything I also installed Sony Vegas e Photoshop, but you can make use of it amateur, as it is not able to withstand heavy workloads with more elaborate transitions and color correction. For example to render a video of 5 minutes in HD (1280 x 720) with a video, 6 images and 6 transitions took about 22 minutes, going from 53% to 45% of battery.

As regards the Gaming, this is barely sufficient with the heaviest titles available on the Microsoft Store such as Modern Combat Versus, which is executed with low details ruining the playability.

A positive aspect, however, is that the Chuwi HeroBook under strain never reaches high external temperatures, as you get to feel a slight warmth while internally you get to a maximum of 70%.

Chuwi HeroBook

Finally, the operating system is Windows 10 Home in English language, but we can install theItalian without any problems directly from the settings.

Connectivity, audio and camera

Il Chuwi HeroBook presents some speaker in hinge between the display and the keyboard, which return an audio that tends mainly to favor the high and medium frequencies at the expense of the low ones, while presenting a discrete volume for use at home or in the office. The audio captured by the microphone, on the other hand, is good and has no problems during calls or video calls.

Chuwi HeroBook

With regard to the connectivity, on board unfortunately we find only a modem Wi-Fi single band b / g / n. Obviously with such a low price we could not expect more and among other things still managed to exploit the available line more than sufficiently. Finally, the Bluetooth 4.0.

Chuwi HeroBook

La camera da 0.3 mega-pixels that we find on board the Chuwi HeroBook It offers a quality rather poor due to very noisy images with colors poco vivid and mismanagement of lights. Let's say that if you want to make a video call every now and then with some friend or relative we can make it go well, but you can't expect more.


Il Chuwi HeroBook owns a battery from 38 Wh, which guarantees us one very good autonomy, we can say that together with the design and construction this is another strength. In fact, using it only for the writing (ex. Office or WordPress) it will be possible to arrive also up to 10 hours of use, while alternating it with a Gaming light, Together with Netflix, Spotify e web browsing we settle down between the 6 and the 7 hours.

In short, the battery was a pleasant surprise and we can stay out all day with the notebook without the fear that this will leave us in important moments.

I found the recharging times instead spring because the laptop passes by 0 to 100% in almost 3 hours.

Conclusions - Chuwi HeroBook

As already anticipated in the opening, lately the Chuwi HeroBook was very often in lightning offer with coupons, which led to it alone 166 €. Although performance is not high, the price and in any case lower to that of one low-end average smartphone.

Said clearly, this notebook struggles in slightly more complex operations and with too many apps open in multitasking, but it could be a good solution for the mobile writing o per la watching movies. In short, what is called the classic "University use".

In fact, you will have no problems with the office suite and in addition theautonomy will play in your favor, not counting the minimal design e modern at the same time. In the end these are the two main strengths of the Chuwi HeroBook.

In close if you are looking for one low-cost machine for heavy productivity or for gaming then it is better to turn to another product, but if you are looking for a device that meets the needs I described in the previous paragraph then you can evaluate the purchase.

For the alternatives I leave you the guide to the following best Chinese notebooks which we are going to update every month. Many of these have already been tested and many others are coming to the test for editing. So stay tuned to learn more.


The Chinese low-cost notebook par excellence - REVIEW

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