Redmi K20 Pro will be the least expensive with Snap 855: here are the prices

redmi k20

Il 28 May May will be a very important day for the Mi Fans and for Xiaomi, with the launch of the Redmi K20, the first economic flagship of its partner has always been dedicated to the mid-range. The company has decided to raise the bar (and even a lot) by launching on the market a real top of the range with lots of Snapdragon 855, ID sensor in the display e triple 48 mega-pixel camera. But what will be the selling price of this highly anticipated model?

Redmi K20 Pro: these should be the selling prices of the new top of the range

redmi k20

According to an alleged leaked slide on the net (see above) the Redmi flagship will debut - in the basic configuration from 6 / 64 GB - at the price of 2599 yuan (about 336 € at current exchange rate). If this figure is confirmed ... well we would be facing the device with Snapdragon 855 cheaper on the square! The main "rivals" (like Mi 9 and Lenovo Z6 Pro) arrive at a slightly more expensive starting price, which is why the Redmi K20 Pro would be a decidedly attractive alternative.

It then continues with a variant from 6 / 128 GB to 2799 yuan (about 361 €) and then conclude with a model from 8 / 128 GB a 2999 yuan (about 387 €).

redmi k20

Icing on the cake, a retailer Asian exhibited a sign announcing preorder and sale price of the flagship (this time without the word Pro). Once again we talk about 2599 yuan, similar to the above leak prices. The veracity of the above figures remains to be confirmed, but at present it seems plausible that Redmi intends to entice enthusiasts with a top device offered at a price of exception!

Obviously we keep our fingers crossed and we hope that these figures remain low even with regard to a possible Global variant of the flagship. By the way ... you took a look at the first images by Redmi K20? What do you think of its shiny cover?

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