Oppo AX7 (and not only) to the historical minimum with the Unieuro | June 2019

paypalgiugno2019 unieuro paypal coupon

Now on a monthly basis Unieuro has accustomed us to ever-increasing discounts. Once again, in fact, thanks to the collaboration with PayPal, e-commerce offers its customers one discount of 10 € on the purchase at a cost of at least 99 €.

Thanks to this coupon - PAYPALGIUGNO19 - you can buy - for example - the new one OPPO AX7 at the lowest price ever: only €179. As anticipated the smartphone at home OPPO it's not the only thing you can find on the store. They stand out among the many offers also Xiaomi Redmi 7 2 / 16 GB at 106 € e Huawei P Smart 2019 at 177 €. Like any promotional code, even this is subject to some limitations, let's find out together what they are.

10 € discount with PayPal Unieuro

Unieuro and PayPal bring OPPO AX7 to the lowest price ever

As always, to enter the discount code you will need to choose the product to buy and continue to check out: there you will find the area where to insert it. However, we remind you that the coupon cannot be applied to flyer products and special offers.

10 € discount with PayPal Unieuro

The discount of €10 which you can access with the coupon PayPal su Unieuro it's not the only way to save. In fact, e-commerce is charged for the entire catalog (except for special promotions) of the 5%. Discount that you will find applied directly in the cart. Thanks to this additional promo you will be able to reach the prices indicated above. We also remember that for expenses exceeding €99 shipping costs (with home delivery) are free.

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