MediaTek 5G Official SoC to 7 nm and with Helio M70 modem

mediatek 5g

That the Taiwanese company was about to launch its solution dedicated to the new connectivity standard it was already in the air, and now finally the MediaTek 5G SoC it is official, although some details are still missing. Here is everything you need to know about the first chip a 7 nm by MediaTek.

MediaTek 5G SoC at 7 nm: a chipset still without a name but that promises sparks

mediatek 5g soc

The first detail to note concerns the name of the chipset: MediaTek 5G SoC it borders on sadness, but unfortunately the Asian company has not yet revealed the official name of the chipset. On the other hand, everything else promises very well, starting with the production process FinFET to 7 nm (now a must have for high-end models). The company has announced the arrival of a new AI processing unit, which promises sparks and would be the most advanced solution produced by the company; at the moment, however, no precise details have been provided.

Il MediaTek 5G SoC mounts the very latest core ARM Cortex-A77 dedicated to machine learning, AR and VR which promises improved performance up to 20% in terms of IPC performance. The new GPU is also included in the SoC Mali-G77 while 5G support is provided by the modem MediaTek Helio M70. Officialized last year, the Taiwanese company's 5G modem with support for the new stand-alone and sub-6GHz network. The MediaTek module offers a maximum download speed of 4.7 Gbps (2.5 Gbps in upload) and improves the energy efficiency of 50%.

Returning to the characteristics of the SoC, the latter supports cameras up to a maximum of 80 mega-pixels, video encoding and decoding in 4K a 60 fps. The first hardware solution dedicated to 5G will be ready during the third quarter of the year and will be able to debut on the first smartphones already in the Q1 2020.

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