Huawei vs USA: agreements with Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm also disappear

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As the hours go by, the thorny situation between Huawei and the US is increasingly emerging. And not in a positive sense, since, after Google confirmation, now also the quartet Intel / Qualcomm / Broadcom / Xilinx it has adapted to the decision of the American government. To bring it back is again an average, that is Bloomberg, since there is still no official statement from any of the companies involved. And also in this case we speak of a immediate suspension of the agreements between the three companies and the Chinese giant.

Stop Huawei updates: what will happen to my smartphone / tablet?

20 / 05 update hours 13: 40: here is the list of American companies that will interrupt relations with Huawei.

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After Google, the American ban for Huawei continues to claim "victims"

Not only is Huawei thus cut off from the US consumer market, even though before it was as if it didn't exist, but it is prevented from marketing with US-based companies. This means that not only Google will not be able to have us on the software side, but on the hardware side the various chipset manufacturers will also be blocked. Especially in the case of Intel, among the 4 the most involved, given that it not only provides Huawei with the processors for the range MateBook, But also for server and modem its smartphone.

In the case of Qualcomm the situation is less impacting, given that for some time now Huawei has relied almost entirely on its HiSilicon for the production of Kirin SoCs. But there are still models (however marginal or almost) like Huawei Y7 2019, Honor 8C, 8X Max, Enjoy Max and Enjoy 9 that rely on Qualcomm solutions. Regarding Broadcom e Xilinxinstead, their supply for Huawei mainly concerns switch and programmable chipsets, used in network infrastructures.

Stop Huawei: goodbye also to EU companies, it goes through legal channels

What risks Huawei at present?

According to statements by Ryan Koontz, an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities, "Huawei is heavily dependent on US semi-tenant products and would be severely paralyzed without the supply of key components. This ban could cause China to delay its 5G network until further notice, impacting many global component suppliers".

According to the sources of Bloomberghowever, Huawei would have accumulated enough hardware to keep your business up to at least 3 months. A move that would have been made already in mid-2018, when the struggle between the USA and Huawei it became more concrete. Moreover, sources close to the situation have stated that, as Huawei is an important link between American and Chinese companies, an agreement could be reached that would restore the situation.

At this point one wonders how it will behave Microsoft, another company that, like Intel, does not affect poco in the sale of Huawei notebooks. With the company behind the spread of Microsoft on MateBooks, its compliance with the Trump law could result in a paralysis of updates on Huawei laptops.

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