Huawei in talks with Aptoide: the store could be the alternative to Google

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As usual in these cases, the news of the US ban towards Huawei created a fuss and a lot of confusion. At present the Chinese company has seen itself trimmed an extension of 90 days, but what will happen at the end of the indicated period remains shrouded in mystery. Increasingly insistent voices refer to HongMeng OS, what should be the brand's proprietary operating system, while new rumors even report the arrival of Aptoide.

Huawei and Aptoide: a partnership to bypass Google and its Play Stor?

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According to the portal Cash Vivo, the Portuguese company Aptoide would be under negotiation with Huawei, for a partnership that could see the well-known alternative store aboard the upcoming smartphones of the Asian giant. Confirmation of this would come directly from the CEO Paulo Trezentos, but the manager of the orange company would not have provided details about this supposed collaboration.

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Based on what Trezentos declared, the negotiations would include two paths: the integration of Aptoide on the company's devices or the integration of the store contents within the Huawei App Gallery.

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The Portuguese company is no stranger to collaborations with Chinese companies: it already has a partner ship with OPPO, as well 900 thousand app available to users and beyond 200 millions of fans. Even in this case it is good to take everything with due precautions but the fact remains that these numbers could be quite interesting in the eyes of the Chinese giant.

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