Ban Huawei: the Codacons evaluates a class action against Google


We continue to talk about the inclusion of Huawei in US blacklist. The consequence of this decision is that now all American companies will not be able to continue working with the Chinese company. The reason? National safeguard. Beyond the legitimacy of this motivation, now society as the same Google they will have to distance themselves from Huawei. Consequent Android restrictions for future devices, although for those currently in circulation almost nothing should change. That's why the Codacons has decided to investigate to assess whether or not to launch one class action against Google.

Stop Huawei updates: what will happen to my smartphone / tablet?

The Google ban on Huawei does not go down to the Codacons management

Here is the official release of the Codacons:

"Google's decision to withdraw the license to use the Android operating system on Huawei products, which would also lose access to the Google Play Store and all of Google's own applications, could seriously damage consumers. The suspension of the license provided by Google, in fact, could cause an earthquake on mobile phones: from the lack of some Google services to the impossibility of performing security updates on smartphones, up to the limitation of the functionality of the devices. Effects that would clearly damage those who bought a Huawei cell phone convinced they could use Android and all the other services provided by Google. The repercussions would be heavy in Italy in particular, given that it is the first country in Europe for the number of Huawei smartphones and tablets sold, it risks suffering the heaviest consequences. Even the Codacons is preparing to take the field to protect Italian users of Huawei mobile phones, and does not exclude a possible class action to get all those who will suffer a possible limitation of the functionality of smartphones reimbursement due to them according to the Code Consumption."

In the event that Italian users are penalized by the US decision, the Codacons could launch a class action against Big G. For the moment it would seem that those who have already purchased a smartphone / tablet will be protected, but it is not said the last. Keep following us to learn more, as soon as the case updates.

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