How to remap the AI ​​key of the Xiaomi Mi 9 with Magisk

Xiaomi Mi 9

Since his launch at home, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has greatly enticed Western users because of its characteristics and the certainty of a super tasty price. Fortunately the Mi Fans were not disappointed and the MIUI 10 Global has also introduced a couple of goodies to satisfy even the most demanding. Among these features we have the ability to customize the AI ​​button of the smartphone, but if these are not enough here comes to our rescue Magisk.

Xiaomi Mi 9: how to remap the AI ​​key (and have even more customization) with a Magisk module

To add new customizations and remap (almost) all the physical key dedicated to the AI, you will not have to do anything but use the module I AI Button Remapper. For the moment this software for Magisk it allows you to customize a single keystroke, but it is not certain that in the future further news cannot be added.

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Obviously to take advantage of this solution you will need to have Magisk on your Xiaomi Mi 9, download and install the module. For the download - and all the details of the case - we refer you to the official thread on XDA, using the button at the bottom.

Download Mi AI Button Remapper

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