After the success achieved last year with Xiaomi Mi 8 SE this year, the company has once again proposed the "small" version of the top of the range. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Global perfectly embodies the desire to excel of the brand in some fundamentals (the triple camera on the back is the proof) while maintaining a particularly competitive price. The small Mi 9 SE it is certainly one of the most generated devices hype also given the excellent specifications. He arrived with all the papers in order, we just have to find out how he behaved in our complete review.


The smartphone comes in the classic white packaging of the brand, inside we find:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE;
  • Wall power supply 9V - 3A;
  • USB Type-C cable;
  • 3.5 Type-C mini jack adapter mm;
  • Silicone cover;
  • Pin to extract SIM;
  • Manuals.

Design and construction quality

Unlike last year, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE completely mutates the design from the older brother, but with the due proportions: the device measures 147.5 x 70.5 x 7.5 mm for a weight of 155g. We find in this case a notch drop (which contains the front camera) and a screen to body relationship close all'85% that - phone in hand - makes its figure. While the front is dominated by the display from 5.97 ", on the back, surrounded by the glass body stands the long-awaited triple camera that accompanies a stylistic gem (the chrome ring on the first camera) a flaw at least unpleasant: protruding sensors, even beyond the cover!

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Leaving the shell that offers a particularly pleasant mirrored design, we find the aluminum perimeter frame that recalls the color of the device. The model in review is the Piano Black, a shade of black that turns on the decidedly elegant anthracite. We therefore have a well-constructed frame that gives a feeling of solidity despite the size, on which stand the stereo speakers at the bottom, with Type-C 2.1 and the presence of the infrared sensor at the top.

Reopening a small parenthesis on design: I was particularly struck by the device's ability to be preferred at the same time to be manageable but solid, compact but robust; which gives it a rare elegance.

Unblocking methods

Like most smartphones starting with the 2018, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE also boasts different unlocking methods that complement the classic pattern. In addition to face unlocking thanks to the front camera, we also find the ID fingerprint located below the display.

Unblocking methods share excellent reliability with each other. In everyday use it happened to me (and hardly happens) to use them both with the same frequency. Clearly the fingerprint release below the display is particularly advantageous in dark environments (due to the objective limits of face release). In particular, the ID sensor proved to be more fluid and reliable one year after launch (with Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro), to improve reaction times only.


Xiaomi Mi 9 SE do not miss a display Super AMOLED da 5.97 ", which covers about the 85% of the display surface. The panel is a unit Full HD + in 19.5:9 (432 ppi), with HDR and protection Gorilla Glass 5.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

We are in the presence of a good display, despite the Super AMOLED the colors are never too heavy and, in addition, we have the advantage of "perfect blacks". Thanks to MIUI we can then define contrast and colors in general, as well as the reading mode which offers even less bright colors to avoid eye strain. If by default we find ourselves before a good panel, the various tricks of the OS of Xiaomi make it even more enjoyable.

Display that clearly interacts with the brightness sensor, particularly reactive and, even in direct sunlight, the contrast given by the display has always helped me to clearly distinguish each element. Last but not least, thanks to the implementations of the MIUI 10 (and the Super AMOLED display) we can set the dark theme that pours - practically - in the settings, notifications and drop-down menus, making the device even more elegant and (which is not least) helping with energy saving.

Hardware and Performance

As we said in the presentation, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it behaves like a small (in terms of size and price) top of the range and, in its practical use, does not disappoint expectations. Strong of the new Snapdragon 712 (Octa-Core to 2.3 GHz to 10 nm), accompanied by Adreno 616 e 6 / 64 GB, the smartphone is practically lightning-fast in all daily activities. Starting from switchare among the various apps, up to use in multi-tasking, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it will hardly give you problems of any kind.

Even under stress then the smartphone will never get in trouble and, a quality that I always appreciate (even more so with summer coming) SoC it does not heat up in any situation: it rarely happens that temperatures rise extremely.

This allows us to enjoy a particularly satisfying gaming experience: titles like PUBG e Brawl Stars they run smoothly, with gaming quality optimized by the game mode that promptly cleans up RAM and inhibits notifications. Also in terms of performance, Mi 9 SE did not disappoint.


Xiaomi Mi 9 SE arrives, fortunately for us, with the MIUI 10.2 Global updated ad Android 9 Pie. Device therefore with all the trappings to be marketed in our country and that preserves all the advantages offered by the operating system of Xiaomi.

So let's start from what might now seem like a discounted feature, but it's not for everyone: full screen gestures. There MIUI 10 allows you to set gestures to return to the home (swipe from bottom to top), to return to the previous page (swipe from the side edge) and return to the previous app; the latter to be enabled separately in the menu.

As expected, thanks to MIUI we will be able to make clones of the apps installed if more than one SIM is used (or in general more accounts). While we have already praised the dark theme and theAmbient Display with attached customization, the time has come to do the usual "pull of ears" a Xiaomi. Once again, although the notch is reduced to a minimum, the notification icons in the upper left are missing. It will only be possible to view them for a few seconds when a new notification arrives. Energy saving scenarios remain very useful, but with Mi 9 SE they are almost fundamental, but we will see it later.

Photographic quality

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE has done a lot of talking about itself for the triple camera and, I anticipate you, with good reason. The triple sensor composed of the first lens from XMUMX mega - pixel with PDAF f / 1.8, wide-angle lens da XMUMX mega - pixel with aperture f / 2.4 e telephoto da XMUMX mega - pixel with aperture f / 2.4 e PDAF.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SEXiaomi Mi 9 SE

As mentioned, the photographic sector takes a significant step forward (compared, for example, to its predecessor). Let's start with what is perhaps the most awaited feature; wide-angle shots. Thanks to stabilization, you can use the lens to achieve particularly pleasing shots, which retain most of the details - as far as possible - and good color fidelity, even when used in low light situations.

In this sense, the software optimization of is always appreciable Xiaomi, with the "scene recognition" that depending on the occasion manages to balance colors and contrast in the right way. Another way that is particularly appreciated given the yield is the "Night Mode". The difference compared AI classic feels, and how. High quality, despite not particularly high exposure times. I want to clarify it because the exposure of around 4 seconds can facilitate the use of the night mode even for those who do not have a "steady hand". However, my advice is to use night mode only in cases of total absence of brightness.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SEXiaomi Mi 9 SE

Excellent results even for macros that have a great effect bokeh natural. The latter will be accentuated in the special portrait mode which, if it starts with the 2x zoom, it will still be possible to return to the "classic" view.

Moving on to the selfie camera, we find a single sensor from XMUMX mega - pixel f/ 2.0 with HDR which maintains a discrete resolution, an excellent software rendering of the depth of the shots and good quality even in the absence of brightness, with colors - unfortunately - a little dull in some cases.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE maintains a good profile even with regards to video recording, you will have the opportunity to shoot in 2160p a 30fps, 1080p to 120fps and in 720p a 960fps.

Connectivity and audio quality

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE presents a particularly broad connectivity sector: starting from dual SIM (non-expandable memory), passing through Wi-Fi Dual Band, DLNA, NFC e IR sensor. Present also Bluetooth 5.0 ed USB Type-C first generation. Do not miss the 20 band.

Very good sound in both headphones and speakers: with the connection (I used TWS earphones) embellished from the aptX HD di Qualcomm.


The smartphone enjoys a battery from 3070 mAh and, right from the start, I can say that among the many it is this Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it does not have that of autonomy. With stress use, in 4G alternated with the Wi-Fi and any kind of active energy saving, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE left me a little perplexed, rarely reaching the 3 hours and a half of display lit., even taking me to evening.

Things change - and here comes the MIUI - using an intelligent energy saving profile. Without any kind of third-party app, but only by selecting the "Battery saving" the autonomy of Mi 9 SE it has practically doubled, in some cases touching the 6 display hours on. It was enough to reduce synchronization of all installed apps (applying energy savings) to then allow the individual apps I need to get notifications to me (see Telegram, Spark, etc.) to ignore energy savings. With this small mechanism, consumption in the background has been reduced considerably.

Unfortunately, wireless charging is lacking, but thanks to fast charging Quick Charge 3.0, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE it recharges very quickly, from 0 to 100% in just over an hour. Promoted with reserve in terms of autonomy.


We started with the review - starting from the title - talking about a smartphone that is unique in its genre, and it is just like that. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, leaving out specifications and price, has few rivals, but for a very specific reason: the dimensions. We are faced with a particularly compact smartphone that, unlike many others, does not absolutely regret the top of the range. To find the only noteworthy competitor - in my opinion - you will have to look at home Samsung, with Samsung Galaxy S10e or Google Pixel 3 (... and wanting to "change planet" ad iPhone XS), but with very different figures.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Global is currently on GearVita ai 275 € (with the use of the coupon GizM9SE64 and shipping without customs EU Priority) in the variant from 64 GB and in the colors Ocean blue, Violet e Piano Black; a price fully repaid by the performance of the device.

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