Redmi: the flagship with Snap 855 appears from vivo, again with pop-up selfies

redmi snapdragon 855 selfie pop-up

The first flagship branded Redmi has now become a true mystery, between denials and presumed confirmations. In fact, the company has ensured that the top of the range with Snapdragon 855 it won't come with a pop-up form, unless published a very particular survey on Chinese social networks. Perforated display or retractable camera? As this question rages, a new photo pops up from the vivo which seems to lean towards the second solution.

Redmi's flagship appears from the vivo and this time the pop-up selfie camera is there!

redmi snapdragon 855 selfie pop-up

The new release was published by Product Director di Xiaomi Wang Teng Thomas and with the help of a small zoom it is possible to observe a new smartphone with a mini-jack input and a pop-up module along the upper edge. At the moment the identity of this model is still uncertain but the Chinese media lean towards the top of the range of Redmi.

redmi snapdragon 855 selfie pop-up

Despite being on everyone's lips, the flagship of the economic rib Xiaomi maintains the utmost secrecy and the only details leaked to date are the presence of the powerful Snapdragon 855 and a display almost completely borderless. In short, a real top device, which will be sold at a price in line with the brand's standards.

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We keep our fingers crossed because all these rumors could suggest that the launch is not so far away, even if the management of Redmi is ready to affirm the contrary.

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