Redmi, Lu Weibing: "The world needs both Huawei and Xiaomi"

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Despite criticisms of Honor 20i, to be classified as the classic prick between rivals, the head of Redmi he let himself go into a profound reflection and a praise towards Huawei, eternal rival important for both users and for Xiaomi same.

Redmi's CEO praises Huawei and Xiaomi

redmi lu weibing xiaomi huawei

Lu Weibing posted some pictures of the baby redmi 7 - here you find our review - and an enthusiast published a thorny question in response, with a comparison between Huawei e Xiaomi. Watched the successes of the Asian giant (both at home and in Europe), Does Xiaomi intend to catch up? What will the company's strategy be to overcome the gap between the two realities?

redmi lu weibing xiaomi huawei

The manager's response was not long in coming and - unexpectedly - instead of rowing against the competitor, he let himself go to some considerations.

"Huawei is a great company with a history of 32 years behind it. Xiaomi is a young company and has existed for only 9 years; we are still very weak, but we will continue to learn from Huawei in all aspects. We believe the world needs both Huawei and Xiaomi. Both need different users with different values ​​and business models: the world is varied, the needs are many and it is the end user who benefits! "

In short, for once the Chinese company lowered its guard with words of esteem for its rival. But let's face it: perhaps with too much praise things risk becoming monotonous. Favorite bickering and teasing between competitors ... or the approach Love & Peace?

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