Redmi, the new sub-brand of Xiaomi, launched from poco its first two smartphones, namely Redmi Note 7 e redmi 7, which have attracted attention right away thanks to their excellent quality / price ratio. A few weeks ago we had the chance to try and appreciate the first model, while today we are going to analyze in detail the smallest of the house, or Redmi 7 Global.

Will this smartphone be able to confirm the expectations or will it find its way blocked by its own big brother due to a price that is too similar? Let's find out more in our review.

Review Redmi 7 Global


The sales package is practically identical to that of Redmi Note 7 and, probably, from here on we could call it "Redmi style". Inside is the following equipment:

  • Redmi 7;
  • silicone cover;
  • power supply with European socket and 5V output = 2A;
  • USB cable - Micro USB;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

Design and construction

As for the dimensions, this redmi 7 it is not so much smaller than Redmi Note 7. In fact, the dimensions are of 158.73 x 75.58 x 8.47 millimeters for a weight of 180 grams against the 159.21 x 75.21 x 8.1 millimeters and 186 grams of its big brother. This means that the smartphone is not easy to use with one hand, especially because it is slightly wider and lower, so it has a less elongated shape that worsens ergonomics.

redmi 7

Nevertheless the weight is not very high and the edges of the back cover are curved so you will be able to move it at will in the palm of your hand during use. Reaching the notification curtain with one hand will not be so prohibitive.

Speaking of the design this turns out to be a bit anonymous, but overall adequate for its price range. Indeed, we do not have any aesthetic distortions due to a simple one shell in plastic and a front with notch to drop and medium-sized frames.

As regards the materials used, later the plastic of the cover is cheap and holds too many fingerprints, but we cannot expect much more given the price range of the redmi 7. The frame lateral, however, is very solid and would appear to be made in aluminum, but a solution similar to that of the Redmi Note 7, or a frame in one plastic so rigid e compact to seem aluminum.

The positive note compared to his older brother is that the photographic form it's not very prominent and therefore it will be possible to use the device on a flat surface without it wobbling.

redmi 7

Below are the Micro USB input, the system speaker and the main microphone, unlike the upper profile on which the mini-jack input, the IR sensor and the main microphone reside.

On the right side we find the volume rocker and the power button, while on the opposite side we have the dual nano SIM + microSD slot. As far as I'm concerned, I find the choice to insert the infrared sensor and give the user the possibility to put two SIM cards without sacrificing the expandability of the memory.

Finally, from the front we only see the brightness and proximity sensor, the selfie camera and the notification LED.


Il redmi 7 is equipped with a display LCD da 6.29 inches diagonal with resolution HD + (1520 x 720 pixel) with report 19:9, screen-to-body ratio of86.83%, maximum brightness of 450 thread and density of PPI 269.

redmi 7

The panel does not have a high definition and the colors are not heavily loaded, but making a quick comparison with some of its competitors, these are perfectly average. There maximum brightness it is very good indoors, while under direct sunlight it reaches sufficiency but without surprise. In short, I would have preferred it to be brighter. Finally, the automatic brightness sensor reacts well to light changes.

redmi 7

If you want to adjust the calibration of colors you can do it thanks to the special section in the settings. Furthermore, it will be possible to activate the reading mode, double tap to activate the screen and choose the text size.

Hardware and Performance

Under the body of the redmi 7 we find a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, which is inclusive of an octa-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8 GHz, GPU Adreno 506, 3 GB di RAM LPDDR3, 64 GB di internal memory eMMC 5.1 expandable via microSD to 512 GB. Let us note, however, that the memory cuts from are also present 2 / 16 GB e 3 / 32 GB.

Le performance of the smartphone are very good for its price range, in fact, this redmi 7 it is able to adequately perform all the required actions without encountering lag or jamming. The opening of the app will not be lightning fast, but the device is definitely reliable.

On the front of the Gaming we are able to reproduce without any problem both the lightest titles such as Clash Royale that heavier ones like PUBG provided that the latter are performed with details at a minimum. Accepted this compromise (more than honest considering that the smartphone costs about 160 euros), the reproduction will be smooth and smooth.


Il redmi 7 owns one dual chamber da 12 + 2 mega-pixel with opening f / 2.0, autofocus PDAF and single LED flash.

I must say that the photos have me surprised as my expectations were rather low, instead the smartphone manages to guarantee us the good shots in situations of optimal brightness thanks to a good color range, a natural bokeh worthy of note and a sufficient definition on the whole, even if at times you do a little effort with the management of the lights or in the macro too close together with small objects, which are not well focused. Usually it only happened to me with some leaf shots, so let's say that there are no situations we face every day.

In night quality and definition fall slightly, but redmi 7 still manages to offer us above average shots of its competitors. In fact, we have not found excessive problems in the management of light sources, while the colors are more than discreet.

Installing the Google Camera we're going to improve all those little imperfections of the room stock that could not convince us. We will therefore improve the definition, the lighting management and also the color range. In short, the changes are evident both day and night, but don't expect the same shots as those of a smartphone from 400 €.

La situation changes drastically with the frontal room, or a sensor 8 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0 that thanks to Google Camera, totally changes. In fact, with the stock chamber, selfies can be seen with the porcelained face by the algorithm Xiaomi which tends to set a kind of basic beauty filter. Thanks to GCAM we will have more detail, more real shots and better light management, both in day and night.

Videos can be recorded up to 1080p a 60 fps and quality


L'audio outgoing from the lower speaker of the redmi 7 è powerful although it tends to favor frequencies the most old e medium rather than the low ones. Overall, however, we are talking about a sector that exceeds sufficiency without problems since it manages to do better than many other smartphones even poco more expensive.

The audio in ear capsule is crystalline and we didn't find any problems even with the microphone during calls or voice message recordings.


Il redmi 7 supports Dual SIM with connectivity 4G e not 4G + but overall the reception is good in most situations (è present la 20 band). The Wi-Fi unfortunately it is alone single band, we have the Bluetooth 4.2, is absent l'NFC but we find the infrared sensor and FM radio. Present, finally, the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Galileo which guarantees us a good satellite navigation.

Probably this I share is where the smartphone is more lacking, but in the same price range it shares a similar technical data sheet with other competitors. Given the target we cannot expect much more, but we will better analyze this aspect in the conclusions.

Il fingerprint sensor place on the back cover is Quick e accurate, we can state that the smartphone is successfully unlocked approximately 9 times on 10. As if that were not enough we can also use the face unlock that takes advantage of the front camera (and not of the appropriate sensors), which is quite fast in conditions of optimal brightness but is more difficult at night.


From the point of view of the software it is difficult to add more than has already been said in the past with other smartphones Xiaomi, Especially with Redmi Note 7. In fact, redmi 7 is based on Android 9 Pie with personalized interface MIUI 10.2 Global with security patches updated to February 1 2019.

This UI we know it very well and present many customizations from the software point of view including the app cloning, Second Space, gestures of system, i themes and much more.

During navigation, everything runs smoothly and we do not find any lag, bug or jamming and, as if this were not enough, we note a software that is particularly attentive to autonomy thanks to good optimization and the possibility of setting a call mode. "Flexible battery", which will limit the consumption of the apps that we don't use often.

Unfortunately like all smartphones Xiaomi with notch, also on this device we have the usual problem of notifications icons on the appropriate top bar, which will appear only at the time of receipt for later to disappear completely. We will know what messages we received only by lowering the notification drop-down.

We hope once again that the company will release an update as soon as possible to resolve the situation.


Under the body of the redmi 7 there is a battery from 4000 mAh, which will allow us to have acrazy autonomy. In fact, this is the best compartment of the smartphone. With intense use we can exceed also the 7 hours of active display, but overall the medium stands around 6 / 6.3 hours.

All this translates into, at least, 1 day and a half of use with the possibility to also terminate the second day without recharging your smartphone. As for the latter, the redmi 7 it takes about 1 45 hours and minutes to be fully charged through the supplied power adapter.

Conclusions - Redmi 7 Global

Before reaching the conclusions I would like to talk to you about price, why the redmi 7 in our possession comes directly from Honorbuy and is available on store a 160 € in the variant Overseas hubs with cuts of memories from 3 / 64 GB.

In general it is a very good product for the price range for which it is intended, as it offers excellent performance in terms of hardware, very good photos and crazy autonomy. The only one problem and the very little price difference with the Redmi Note 7 which, inevitably, makes us prefer the latter.

In fact, even the redmi 7 is sold officially in Italy and the variant 3 / 32 GB coastline 169 €, while the Redmi Note 7 with the same memory cuts comes 179 €. Suns 10 € of difference that do not justify the purchase of the first.

Therefore, why buy this smartphone? I personally believe the new one Redmi un good device and if you have a maximum budget di 160 € and you don't want to spend any more, then it's the ideal solution since Honorbuy you can buy the top variant at a price even lower than normal. If instead you have more economic availability I recommend you add 20 / 30 / 40 euro more and take you home the Redmi Note 7 which in this price range is almost unbeatable.